Thursday, January 20, 2011

Breaking in the New Grill

Meg stayed home today to make sure no one bothered Brenda and I went on my walk by myself. Good thing to as I covered some rough ground with a lot of sharp rocks and her feet are a little tender. The rest of the day was just a relax around camp day and I spent the afternoon reading and snoozing while Brenda spent some time making an apple pie for supper tonight.

We had our friends from Dease Lake, Bill and Margaret, coming over for supper and also our good friends and neighbours here in paradise Mike and Janna. Today we decided to break in the new grill my cousin Mike made for us and what better to make for its first meal than an old family favourite, tube steaks. Mike, like his Dad before him, travels with a cooler full of wieners and it seemed only fitting that the first time we used the new grill it be to do up a feed of hot dogs. Now we had a few extras like Janna’s potato salad and a Caesar salad along with fresh apple pie and ice cream that are not everyday fare around the campfire but we are roughing it here in a civilized way.


From the left Brenda, Margaret, Mike, Janna (with Emmi on her lap), and Bill, and of course that grill full of tube steaks.


And Brenda got out for a short walk today also.



  1. Brenda in her 'fine walking shoes'!!!..flip flops???

  2. Interesting looking grill, looks like it goes up & down? swings out?
    "Tube steaks" love it !

    Glad you are all enjoying the desert.

  3. What a great looking day and ending up around a glowing campfire. Pure Heaven!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Make my tube steak well done! The only time I eat hot dogs is cooked over an open fire. Mmmm :)

  5. Love tube steaks and don't they just taste better over an open fire... Where were the S'Mores?
    Great post and pictures!
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  6. You keep posting food pictures like that and I'm going to loose my "girlish" figure! ;c)

  7. Yum yum, tube steaks can it get any better?

  8. I see Brenda has her walking stick out for her little jaunt in the desert! I went back over and decided to buy me a silver one. Never have seen that handle on one before, and I just knew it would bug me later if I didn't have one! LOL

  9. We'll be bringing more hot dogs and buns. Can't wait to have some cooked over the fire!!

    Deb & Rod