Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Company’s Coming

Another beautiful day here in the neighbourhood.


Sunrise this morning was pretty nice and then it warmed up just right for my walk. After a quick shower we headed into Quartzsite to return a couple of LED lamps that the fellow had given Mike and I to try the other day. I decided to go with the Warm White version, as it is a more normal kind of light than the stark bluish white that was the other choice. Quartzsite was as expected a zoo act so we just dropped our lights off and got out of town.

We picked up 40 gallons of water in Bouse with the bladder on the way home so are full to the gunnels right now.

The Kendall’s and Meacham’s arrived right on schedule this afternoon so Brenda and Janna had prepared a dinner for us all and we gathered at our rig for Happy Hour and then continued inside when it was time to eat.


From the left, Rod, Jim, Ellie, Brenda, Deb, your author, Janna and Mike


Janna’s shish kabobs



  1. You guys keep showing all this delicious food (ah! The potatoes! The chicken! PB Pie!) and my envious eyes are going to make the rest of me FAT~

    Yummy looking stuff!

  2. yet another delicious dinner!!!..yummy!!

  3. We were in Q today, but didn't get there until almost noon. Went to the big tent too, but found soo many folks that it caused us to seek calmer waters.

    We were back in Mesa before sunset. At least we were in Q again this year!

    Have a good time with all the RV Dreamers!

  4. Oh my that does look good. When you said 'full to the gunnels' it reminded so much of my Mom, who used to say that when she got up from the dinner table..LOL.

  5. You guys are just having too much fun! So who was the cowboy in sandals on Janna's blog? hmmmmm

    We are chomping at the bit to take off too. 28 days and counting! WHEEEEEEE

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. I'm really interested in your LED lights, looking forward to hearing your opinion of how they work out for you.