Sunday, January 2, 2011

Order What you Want!

EAT what you get!

We left San Antonio and our friends this morning heading towards Arizona. We love the Sonoran desert the only problem is to get to it from East Texas, you have to cross West Texas. It is a beautiful state with beautiful folks living in it but the scenery in West Texas just rolls past hour after hour, not bad, but it NEVER changes.

We stopped along the way at a few Rest Areas and finally arrived in Van Horn around 4:00PM this afternoon, about 7 1/2 hours on the road. We got a tip from Ellie that if we went in and asked nicely at Chuy’s Restaurant here in Van Horn they would let us park in their lot for the night. Well Brenda specializes in nice so we sent her in and yep, it was OK with them if we stayed here. Of course we would eat our dinner there and that brought us to the title of this short entry. I ordered the Chicken Enchildas and Brenda ordered the Flautas. Now Brenda’s Flautas were excellent according to her but my Chicken Enchildas turned into a Combination Dinner with a Taco, a Gordita, and one Enchilda. Not what I ordered this time but for sure what I am ordering the next time… Kinda caught me by surprise but it was a great meal nevertheless.


It is supposed to cool to the low 20’s tonight but we should be OK, and tomorrow we are off for Arizona, and hoping to wave at Al and Kelly and the rest of the Bayfield Bunch as we cross through Cochise County on our way to somewhere near Casa Grande tomorrow night.


  1. Don't know what a Gordita is, but your meal sounded good to me. :)

  2. Hey, that's one fine looking RV you have there, have never seen your traveling home before.

    Good deal getting a free night, free is excellent! :c)

  3. Keep your longjohns handy. It was -15C last night in Deming, and the temps were freezing well before the sun went down. I stopped for fuel in Van Horn, and now in Alpine, so I guess I met you on the road.
    Once I 'cover' Texas, I'll be back in Arizona before the spring migration northbound.
    Will track you down one way or the other.

  4. what a fine looking home on wheels you have!!!

  5. Were only supposed to be in the low thirties tonight, and get several degrees warmer each night, from now on.

    So suffer thru one more night below freezing, and come on over!

  6. We'll keep an eye for that big friendly Alberta wave as you breeze through Cochise County:))

  7. How great they let you boondock overnight there... and a GREAT meal to boot!!! I wonder if that is the original Chuy's or is it separate from the chain ones... They also have great food!
    Travel Safely

  8. How nice they let you try out different things on their menu (not on purpose, but nice of them anyway)

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  9. Love Chuy's in Van Horn TX! They have their own website if you go to (Made famous by John Maddon). That was neat that they gave you permission to stay there overnite. Enjoying your most recent posts of your trip - brings back so many memories of our rv trip to that area. Enjoy!!!