Saturday, January 8, 2011

Laid Back

Today was one of those great days that just happen. We actually had nothing scheduled and nothing to do all day. Meg and I did our morning inspection of the surrounding desert here at Usery Mountain and then came back to camp and spent the rest of the day relaxing.  We connected with Lacey and Ella this morning on Skype so we got to see Miss Ella and her crazy hair. She is getting to be quite the talker and actually was a little interested in the Grandma and Grandpa in the box. There appears to be a little winter weather happening back home and the snow is blowing around pretty good. Sounds like a good time to be here in Arizona, enjoying the blue skies and 60 odd degree temperatures.

I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and splitting my time between watching the birds around our camp and reading my books.


The shot above is of a cholla cactus, they are Meg’s nemesis here so I always carry a comb to remove them from her feet and legs. That way they don’t get stuck in my hands and legs.


They don’t seem to be bothering this little fellows feet or maybe he has a comb somewhere hidden in those feathers.


All of today’s photos were taken from the comfort of my recliner.

Brenda headed off down the road to Basha’s the local grocery store and did a little provisioning for our trip later in the week. I am sure we will have hit the Wal-Mart and Costco at least once more before we head out into the desert. We are planning on heading towards Bouse sometime on Tuesday and hanging out there for two or three weeks just enjoying the weather and the countryside. There might even be a trip or two into Quartzsite in the plan. Then who knows, rumour has it that cousin Mike is headed in this direction and we really want to have a look at some places down around Maricopa that might interest us sometime in the future.

Got a note from brother Brent that he had arrived in Costa Rica safe and sound for his two month long stay. Glad to hear that and they are already enjoying the weather. I am looking forward to following the adventures of a Bunch of Brown’s on a Beach on his travel blog. I managed to get a short Skype call in with Brent from Costa Rica this evening also.

Laurie and Odel popped by for a short visit tonight at Happy Hour, they will be leaving tomorrow so we are already looking forward to the next time we cross their trail.


  1. We should also hit Bouse about Tuesday.

  2. My poor doggie limped the whole time we were in Arizona. I promised her some sweet Kentucky bluegrass later this year!

  3. love the shot of the little 'prickly thing'..sorry to hear it is a bit of a bother though!

  4. Great area to be in the winter,take a look at my winter storage
    Happily we are at home (in Israel) for the winter that is mild over here.
    Will be back in the spring to roll again for the entire summer.
    Happy trails

  5. Nice pictures... Sure hope you head our way to Yuma before we leave March 1st..

  6. Is that saguaro giving you the middle finger?? :)

  7. Man you are having too much fun out there. I am taking Snowman 101 here in north Texas. We are moving East Monday...wishing it was west.

  8. You don't have to go too far to find beauty, great pictures from your recliner!

    Enjoy all that warm sunshine.

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