Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Laid Back Day



Just like every other day the sun rose over the Granite Wash Mountains to the east of us. Today there was some cloud around so it was even more spectacular than usual. It was a little cooler today and the wind was out of the East with a little more vigour than other days. Still not cool enough that you couldn’t enjoy sitting outside and getting some Vitamin ‘D’ but not as hot as other days.

It was just perfect for walking and we (Meg and I) wandered about the desert for an hour and half and checked that everything was just where it was last time we went by….lol.

Brenda was doing some baking today so I had to once again assume the arduous job of being the official taster, wouldn’t want to serve company any bad cookies you know. But alas that company didn’t get here soon enough and the cookies are disappearing at a rapid pace.

Today I ran into the Bouse Community Park and got another bladder full of water for Glenn and Sylvia across the way. That should give them enough for the rest of their stay here or at least until they have to run in and dump their tanks anyway.

Other than that it was a pretty lazy day here in the desert and once supper was done I popped out to catch a sunset photo and then it will be more reading and maybe a little tube watching.




  1. nice sunrise and sunset pictures today!..glad you enjoyed the cookies!!!..hope there was a few to share with the 'neighbours'!!

  2. Beautiful pictures, John. Thank you. Laid back days are a - ok!