Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Ellie

Another great day in the Arizona desert. I took a stroll through the hills to the North of us and saw a few deer and a lot of old mining activity along the way.


It was a little longer than usual but that meant I could try ALL the desserts at Ellie’s birthday party. Today I hauled a load of water out from the Bouse community grounds and that should hold us until we head off for Maricopa on Tuesday morning.

This afternoon we all gathered down at Rollie and Gina’s for a birthday dinner for Ellie. There was Gumbo and a couple of different kinds of corn bread along with a great salad. Followed of course by birthday cupcakes (red velvet) and a Margarita pie. And don’t let me forget the great rice that Rollie whipped up also.




  1. nothing like a day filled with exercise so you can indulge at dinner!..looks like a big crowd for Ellie's birthday!!

  2. I actually found the deer in the picture today! :)

  3. Sure like that 'big sky' country you guys are dusting up.