Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Waiting Game

Brenda woke up this morning with a text from Rebecca saying that her water had broken and they were on their way to the hospital. So as her sister Lacey is going in the be with her while the baby is born we are heading into Chestermere to pick up Miss Ella. She will be staying with us till the excitement dies down a little. Not wishing Becky a long labour but we do love having Ella here, so take your time Bec.

After grabbing Ella we headed back to the farm as my niece Caron was coming out today on her way to a reunion at Bates Bar J and we were hoping to get in a short ride before she headed down the road to that. On the way we stopped at Walmart in Airdrie and Ella and I hung out in the Jeep while Brenda made sure she had one of everything that we might need today. Then it was off to Dogpound North.

Sadly I forgot my camera while Caron and I were riding so I have no pictures of that event but you have all seen a thousand shots of us riding so you’ll have to use your imaginations.

Once we came back it was Brenda and Ella’s turn on Blue and I did get a fuzzy shot of that event.


And of course we got a lot more of her, she is a joy to have around, no trouble and she does keep her security detail occupied whenever she is outside running around the farm.




And of course a picture of two of my girls is a necessity.


Now we will go back to waiting on Bec.


  1. Well I know the waiting is over so Congratulations on your new beautiful grandson... My first grandsons came in twos ~ twins... LOL Love the pictures, is that little Miss Ella flashing
    Have fun & enjoy the new grandson!!!

  2. Little Miss Ella is just adorable! My first grandson was born on my birthday almost 28 years ago. I remember that long wait very well.

  3. Miss Ella is a lovely young lady, just like Brenda. Another acorn that didn't fall far from the tree.

    Ella's security detail looks like they mean business, nobody gets by them, I'm sure.

    Good luck on the wait. Be thankful you're not the one in labor (oops, sorry, labour). :c)

  4. good luck on the waiting but enjoy Miss Ella while you are at it!!!

  5. Have lots of fun with the little sweetie pie,they are such a joy and i really like her cousins name.Enjoy