Friday, September 16, 2011

Into the Park!

Today we jumped in the truck and headed out to the Icefields Parkway in Banff National Park. Our goal was to see if we could catch a view of Peyto Lake. It is a short but invigorating climb up to the viewpoint and as usual the first view of the lake took your breath away. It is a beautiful lake in a beautiful place. The quote Rollie and I found last year still holds true. “When God made this place he was showing off.”


This is just a peek, the header picture on our blog is this same scene last year.

On the way to Peyto we drove out the Bow Valley Parkway and stopped at Eisenhower Junction for a break and a look at Castle (Eisenhower) Mountain. Check out the link to catch up on the name controversy of this prominent mountain.


It is a much more peaceful drive along the Parkway than over the four lane on the other side of the valley. And of course no visit to this area would be complete without a visit to Lake Louise.



And then it was time to head off to St. James Gate in Banff for a little bite to eat. Although the food is usually excellent here, today was not as good as other days although everyone seemed to get through their dinner. Or maybe I am just feeling that because they took my favourite Blue Cheese Boxty off the menu.


  1. the quote is very fitting!!..nice pictures today!!

  2. Wonderful photos and a day spent with friends..... what more could you want!
    Have fun

    How is Brenda's knee doing?

  3. What a great shot of Janna and Mike. That whole park tends to take my breathe away.

  4. It is great seeing the great people photos. Everyone looks wonderful. Also nice to see Lake Louise. We couldn't get there because the place was jammed and we gave up. Maybe it was much better this late in September. We were there in early August, a mistake I think.