Friday, September 9, 2011

On the Road Again!!

One last visit into Chestermere to make sure Kashton was enjoying his new digs and then Grandma and I hit the road north.


Yep, you read that right I said north. I know it is not to long until I will be hopefully heading in a different direction, but, Mike and Janna, our friends from Montana are taking a late summer vacation and decided that they wanted to make it as far as the Peace River so we thought what the heck, the weather is good, the baby is happy in his new home, and we needed to scratch that Hitch Itch. We left Dogpound North and headed up the Cowboy Trail to Valleyview for a visit with cousin Mike. He runs the Fountain Tire in Valleyview and has a place out towards Sunset House that had a spot just right for our rig to spend the night. We had a great visit, a fantastic meal, and a nice fire to sit around and solve the troubles of the world.


I didn’t get a picture of Mike but I did get the sunset shot as we enjoyed that campfire.

Mike was off to work early in the morning and we were a little while later heading out on our quest to find Mike and Janna. A quick email in the morning gave us a good clue as to where they were and where they were going to be although finding a pink motorhome pulling a bright yellow jeep doesn’t sound that difficult, northern Alberta is a big place and without a few hints we may have been a day or two longer running them to ground.

By noon we were parked right beside them in the Happy Trails RV Campground just out of Grande Prairie, and while Mike and I visited the ladies were off to Costco for a resupply run. Once the girls were back we spent the afternoon sitting in the shade and catching up on each others spring and summer. Brenda and Janna whipped another great meal so in the tradition of RV’ers all across the continent we are overeating. Along with all the eating and visiting we did come up with a plan for tomorrow so now it is just a matter of working that plan and we will keep you all up to date on what is next, when it happens.



  1. said it once and I will say it again..together again!..have a great time!!

  2. How beautiful is Kashton... I know you're bias but he is a cute baby!!! Glad you're getting to have fun with Mike & Janna...
    Have fun

  3. For a moment I thought you Kashton had stowed away with you! He's a real beauty!

    Enjoy your travels with Mike and Janna.

  4. Another pretty part of Alberta. The Peace River country is very special. Enjoy the time with Mike and Janna.