Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kashton Cole Tomasir


“Grandpa figured that I should write this blog but although I am thinking about it I figured today was my day and why should I be bothered with all this wordsmithing, it is bad enough that he has almost blinded me with that danged camera of his.”

So I guess you will all be stuck with me writing the blog Kash said “I can’t even read yet so why bother with a blog.” Oh well that will come soon but for now I will be still authoring this journal even though today it will all be about Kashton. He was born last night at 7:48PM after what Becky described as a not to bad a time. Now I am not sure what she measured that against but whatever the result is pretty cute. He was 7 lbs 7 oz. and 21 inches long for those of you who keep track of such things. Notice that although us Canucks use the metric system for a lot of things we still use that old Imperial system to measure our entry into the world.

Ella and I did manage to keep Grandma from storming the doors of the hospital for most of the day and only at about 8:30 PM, once Lacey let us know he was there, did the security system there suffer a massive breach and in she went. She was out of the Jeep before we stopped rolling at the door and all Ella could say was “where Grandma go!”.


She got a short visit in last night while Ella and I patrolled the parking lot and then it was back to the farm to wait for the official “grandparent visiting hours” in the morning.


As the clock struck 11:00 AM we were into the hospital and I got to see the little tyke for the first time for real. He is pretty cute and although I am sure he looks just like himself everyone else sees a resemblance to his Dad although for the time being he does appear to have my thinning hair. I am sure that will change as time goes on though.

After a short visit this morning we cleared out to make room for Ved’s parents and we were off to Chestermere as Brenda wanted to make sure that Bec and Ved’s fridge was well stocked when they got home. Lacey, Ella and I basically loafed around all afternoon as Brenda whipped up some chicken roll-ups and a beef stew to leave behind for the new family when they got home.

Bec and Ved got home about 4:00 PM and we mauled the baby, took a few photos then cleared out so they could start to settle in themselves.


Ella was enthralled with her new cousin and tried to make sure he was covered up with his new blanket as well as giving a concert to help him get used to his new home.


Congratulations Rebecca and Vedran, he is beautiful and I know he will grow up to be all you have dreamed about. And hopefully I will be here to chronicle it all.


  1. Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa! He's a keeper for sure. :)

  2. Congrats Grandma and Grandpa! Paulette and I just looked at the photos and Paulette says Kashton is 'adorable'!! I'll go along with that!

  3. Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa, get the camera ready, I know you will be taking pics for a while. Our pic taking will start in Nov when our first grandchild arrives.

    Stay Safe

  4. Wow, Loyce and I are elated for you folks! Brenda is never going to be able to leave for Dogpound South now..........

  5. Now that is a beautiful baby! Congrats! Glad everything went well for mom and baby Kashton.

  6. Congratulations to you all..he is a precious beautiful all have every reason to 'beam' and be 'proud'..she went through so much to get to this point..and he is definitely worth it the pictures of you all 'glowing'...

  7. Adding our congratulations to the rest. He is, indeed, a precious little guy. Enjoy.

  8. Hey JB I too hope you'll be around for a long time to chronicle the life of this new family member.

    Really nice touch for you and Brenda to head out to Chestermere to prep some grub. The fridge is plum full of goodies and ready made meals, no doubt.

    We concur with all the others who find Kashton cute, adorable, awesome, etc....! How could we not? CONGRATULATIONS!

  9. He is beautiful and I know he will be the subject of many post as is Miss Ella... So sweet the pair of them! Congrats Grandma & Grandpa
    Have fun

  10. Ah congrats grandpa and grandma and of course the parents. How exciting!!!! I know how awesome and overwhelming it is. Enjoy hugs to you all :)

  11. JB,

    He may have your thinning hair, but I swear I see the beginnings of a great moustache. The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.

    Congrats, looks like Brenda already is doing what grandparents are supposed to do...spoil their grandkids rotten! :c)

  12. congrats on the birth of your new grandson..he is a handsome little guy!!!!!

  13. Congrats to the grandparents! Cute Kid!

  14. Congratulations to the family.. What a blessing.

  15. Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa! Adorable.

  16. My name is Rebecca. I also have a Kashton Cole born 2011. I found your lovely storey on Google and thought I would share.

    1. Incredible neither very common names so it is a little unusual. Kash now has a baby sister, Everly Quinn.

  17. Congratulations to the Family! Grand children are wonderful!