Saturday, September 24, 2011

Time is Moving On!


It is starting to look a little like fall around here. Summer has left and fall has arrived. Just in the last week we have gone from green to gold around here. Brenda and I spent the week getting caught up on some of our doctors visits. Dentist and optometrists for me and the dentist and a orthopaedic surgeon for Brenda. Mine went OK, got to slip back to the eye doctor for a follow up in a few weeks and as for Brenda she hates the dentist and still has an appointment next week to finish up what they are doing. The surgeon guy didn’t have a lot of great news either. He said that what is wrong with Brenda’s knees is unfixable and then went on to prescribe a three course treatment plan. He is convinced that some physio will help the problem, and then if that doesn’t work he might slip in there and polish up her knee cap a little. Failing that working, his plan is to go in and change her kneecap. Funny thing after Brenda’s GP told her that she had to have an MRI before she could refer her on to the next step, the “sports medicine” folks didn’t prescribe any physio, and the surgeon says that MRI’s are over prescribed and not very useful for what he is seeing. Says there are always a bunch of artefacts and things that can only really be seen for sure from inside. Makes sense to an old seismic guy though, take a seismic record, which really is just a BIG MRI, and give it to four interpreters and you will probably get 5 different answers. And the only way to tell which guy is right for sure is drill it. One good thing though the surgeon is a horseman and thinks the physio will help with the horse riding and if we can get Brenda riding again she will be pretty happy.

Miss Ella came to visit us Thursday night and yesterday, Friday, we took her and headed into Chestermere to visit with Becky, Ved and Kashton. Ella just loves babies and can hardly wait to play with Kashton when she gets there. She is a little rough at times but with a name like Kash that little fellow has just got to be a cowboy and cowboys gotta be tough so he can take it.



Great subjects but I have asked Becky to get another colour of couch. That white just doesn’t cut it for photos, but maybe Kashton will fix it up with a Sharpie in a couple of years so that there is a little pattern to break it up.  LOL.

And here is a picture of Miss Ella with her pillow and blanket set that Loyce sent home with us from Arizona last spring. Thanks Loyce, and keep that Rod in line so that he heals quick and gets down there to show us the way to Fuddruckers again……Wendy’s we can find ourselves.


Brenda has taken Miss Ella home today so tonight I will be batching here at Dogpound North, so it looks like a Toast, chocolate, and ice cream night for dinner.


  1. I love the photo of Brenda with both grandbabies--the white couch softens the edges!

  2. Wholly Cow do I ever have a big Nose lol

  3. Bummer to hear all the "fun" Brenda is going through with her knee. Why can't these Drs get it together and decide on a plan that will work? Hopefully something will be worked out and soon. Knee pain is no fun, been through it with Marti, finally solved with an operation.

    Great to see Brenda enjoying the grandkids, they look so happy together. Enjoy your batchelor time, sounds like a great menu you're planning. :c)

  4. Beautiful photo of Brenda with the Grands! Hope her knee treatment works!

    Hope you enjoyed your dinner!

  5. Loyce loves making blankets and pillows for special little folks! I'll get her attention and show her the picture.

    From all the smiles, I think Ella likes it!!

    Your on, lets go to Fuddruckers!!!