Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Exit Plan

There is lots of discussion in the RV’ing community about exit plans. Well Brenda and I are going to try ours out for a few weeks.


Yesterday I had an appointment in the city to take care of first thing in the morning. I also needed to drop off some license plates at Mom’s house so I got that done on the way downtown. After my appointment I picked up Dad at his place and we popped over to Humpty’s for brunch. You would almost think we are regulars there as they put a couple of waters on our usual table when they see us in the parking lot, and put in our order for Eggs Benedict, each with our own particular sides, before we are even sitting down. Makes for a quick lunch. After lunch I had to run out to Lac des Arc and winterize my sister-in-laws Class C for her. It is an Empress, Canadian made, and set up so that it only takes a few minutes to run the pink stuff through it. That done I dropped Dad off at his place and then headed back to Dogpound North.

Once I got home it was still a nice day and Brenda had finished doing a final cleaning on our motorhome so I ran the pink stuff through that also. Not so easy, what with the ice maker and washer in there. I got the winterizing procedure for the washer off the internet and just followed Rod’s advice for winterizing the ice maker. All in all it probably took a half hour to do it all. The last time I had it done at a dealer I think they charged me about $300.00 to do it. Pretty high hourly rate, heck I didn’t charge that much when I was a highly paid consultant back in my working days. I think I was in the wrong business. BUT we will see for sure next spring when we turn the water back on.

The winterizing done meant that I needed to empty and sweep out the Quonset Hut this morning. Our rig will only fit through the door with all the air out of the suspension so it is a slow and easy job sliding it into it’s winter lair.

That done I thought I should empty out the living quarters trailer we are taking south this year and make sure that I didn’t have anything in there that would get us in trouble at the Medicine Line. And of course take out the winter gear that we use while riding in the mountains in the spring and fall. Hopefully we won’t be needing that done around Dogpound South.

Took a stroll out through the retirement pasture and visited with the old timers a little while they searched my pockets for treats.


We are about 3 weeks away from heading south so it will be a little while until the real loading begins. I have worked out a myriad of options for that trip. It is a lot more complicated traveling with horses than just us, Meg, and the bus. We could stop almost anywhere but with our equine pals along we will need to find some place to turn them out for the evening as well as a stopping place or two through the day. I guess once we arrive at Dogpound South we will figure out where we stopped although I have talked to all the folks I know who travel south with horses and gleaned all the information I could from them. For the next three weeks this will be our abode.


That will have to do until we next do something interesting to tell you about here down the road from Dogpound.


  1. How do you think the horses will adapt to Arizona? I'd imagine they would miss their environment up north.

  2. After four or five days solid of rain, those blue skies sure are inviting...along with the turning leaves. Having horses in tow sure puts a new slant on things.

  3. Looks like you're slowly getting things ready to roll - same here only we've got about 4 weeks to go and don't have any horses to consider. That makes our situation just a wee bit easier than yours and Brenda's. Glad to see you're getting some blue skies too!

  4. Sure seems like the planning is in full force. Good luck with the final process.

  5. Sounds like you're a detail man, with all the little items that you have to get done. How come a retired guy is so busy?

    Should be an interesting migration South with the horses, they sure add a new dimension to long distance RV travel. Looking forward to seeing how you pull it off.

  6. Never having traveled with horses, it sounds very exotic!