Saturday, September 17, 2011

No Pictures!

Brenda and Janna headed into the big city today with a couple of destinations in mind, but first and foremost was a visit with Kashton. Although I specifically requested pictures so I could see how much he has changed I guess my request got lost in the excitement,……or something.

After some grandbaby time it was off to Costco and then over to Cochrane to browse the shops there. Not sure what got bought but probably nothing other than some groceries that I would be interested in.

While they were off rambling about I thought I could hook up my new monitor camera so I can watch the horses in the back of the trailer while we are moving. Seemed like a pretty simple job and with Mike to give me a hand it wouldn’t take but a little while. Yah, right! For some reason we started off with power issues with the truck and they migrated back to the trailer. Almost looks like the wiring is not heavy enough to carry the current so the voltage drops off at the taillights, where we were attempting to splice the camera’s in. After spending a few hours hunting that problem we came up with another power point that would work and then it was only a matter of hanging the camera’s and hooking up a few wires until we were putting it all back together again.


Above you can see the two camera’s one high on the back centre and the other in the corner just inside the door


The shot above is inside the trailer and the one below is the rear view.


You can set the system to scan between the two camera’s and also set the time each camera is on the monitor. The screen looks much better in person without the glare of the flash hitting it and the picture is quite clear. I should be able to tell if the lady following me is putting on her lipstick or paying attention to the road.

This wireless system is quite touchy as to where you place your antennae, and the the obvious locations are not always the best ones. The monitors antenna works best on the drivers door under the mirror. Go figure but whatever works.

Having Mike there to give me a hand really helped in fact for the most part I was just giving him a hand as he had a better idea of what needed to be done than I did. One thing about this system that could have made it easier was a set of directions that were actually in the English language. They used all English words but the order was a little out of this hemisphere. Oh well their English is much better than my Chinese I guess.


  1. Nice setup! Great job in getting all that working too!

    Hope you get the odd 'horse laugh' on camera after all your work!

  2. What? Your Chinese is rusty? Hard to believe...

    You are a man of many talents, wiring up that camera and all. It is a really neat set up.

    Now about watching that lady behind you put on her lipstick, who is watching the road?

  3. What a cool idea to keep an eye on the horses! Glad you got it to work right too.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Is there some way to get the camera antenna outside of the trailer? That would make the signal much stronger up front. Just a thought...