Thursday, September 29, 2011

This and That

Well although the calendar says it happened a week or so ago, this was the first day of fall around Dogpound North. There was frost on the ground when I went out to feed Willow and Blue and the wind was working itself up to a minor gale. All summer I have been putting off doing the farm books and today was the day. That took me a good part of the morning. Then it was onto sending in some receipts for prescriptions and such to our insurance company. That is an artefact of my working life but it is nice to have someone willing to pick up the odds and ends that our Universal Health Care doesn’t cover.  I usually put off that kind of stuff until the weather is not conducive to working around the place outside, or the deadline is approaching. Today the weather gave me the opportunity. Then it was time to get some insurance details for the motorhome worked out. In the past we have paid a premium to allow us to take it south of the medicine line for more than 4 months and as we are just taking our LQ trailer and heading for Dogpound South the insurance company will have to look for some other pigeon to pay for their next skyscraper.

Once that was done there was a cabinet in our living room here in the house that had a myriad of treasures stored in it and today was the day to mine that treasure trove and see just what was there. Amongst the many manuals for equipment that has long left the farm, there were some neat old pictures. Just slide your cursor over the pictures and some of them actually have some details in the titles.

Grandpa Walter Brown in 1910 as he left Scotland - 26 yrs old

Matt BrownWalter Brown

On the left my son Matt and on the right my Grandfather Walter Brown. Some family resemblance there I think.

Jack Brown 1946

And this guy is my Dad up in Norman Wells back in the mid 40’s

Sailing Ryan and Caron

Now let’s take a jump ahead about 50 years and find my niece and nephew on their Dad’s boat “Ain’t Life Grand”. They have grown a little since this picture. Ryan is 25 and Caron is 22. A couple of weeks ago when we took Mike and Janna out to the Yaha Tinda I mentioned that we had brought a few folks there over the years but the picture below must have been our biggest crowd.

Wedding (11)

Brenda and I had all these folks hike up to our overlook of the Bighorn Falls to witness us tying the knot back in 2001. The little cowboy on the right is my nephew Christopher and he pretty much stole the show and in my minds eye that white horse in the background is a Spirit Horse and Rider just watching over us.

Wedding (9)

Me and my beautiful bride and below is a picture of my two little brothers and Christopher in his full regalia for a cowboys wedding.

Brent, Kelly & Christopher at Wedding

Just for the record though absolutely none of the pictures in this blog were taken by me, although I did scan each and every one of them so I could share them with you. As you can see above Brent was wielding his camera, as well as a couple of other friends Peter Hanson, and Stacey Kelley.

Well enough wandering down memory lane and tomorrow is supposed to be a much warmer day so maybe I will be able to get back on track and get our rig washed up for its trip south.


  1. Great pictures! I love the old ones as well as the more recent. It's going to be one of the fun things for me is delving into all the pictures when I'm recovering from surgery.

  2. Great post. Pictures are such a great way to remember the past.

  3. Great pictures!! I love seeing the old black and white pictures especially. And what a wedding!!

  4. A truly stunning resemblance between your son Matt and your grandfather!
    Great pictures!

  5. Liked your post John. Always nice to take a trip down memory lane and remember family members and good times.

  6. Great photos John, thanks for sharing. I'd say there is a strong family resemblance in many of them!

  7. Nice blog John. It is fun to reminisce.

    Today is the day our fiver gets to lose its red & white plates in favour of the BC blue and white. Just thought you would pleased to know that! LOL

  8. Nothing better than old photos to warm your heart on a cold day.

    You picked a great place for your wedding, more beautiful than the largest cathedral.

  9. Testing to make sure I can leave a comment okay on your blog. Don't want you to think I'm for that wall between Canada and the U.S. ;c)