Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just Hanging Out!


Started off the week by taking Matt to the airport. He is off to Albania for another tour of duty. He should be back just a day or two before we leave for Dogpound South in Maricopa. That will give him a day or so to say goodbye to his buddy Mack below. Mack is going to spend the winter with us down south so he and Meg are all up to date on their shots and ready to roll south as soon as old man winter shows his grizzled face.


Matt will be having his horse Coal sent off to the trainers soon after he returns so it will just be him and his pony Spanky along with those residents of our retirement pen to keep a watch on Dogpound North.


Other than that Brenda and I are just catching up on our dental work, and in a day or so Brenda will actually get to meet with a surgeon about her knee. No idea what will come of that visit but it is a step in the right direction.

Rumour has it that Miss Ella is coming to Dogpound North to spend part of the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa so Meg and Mack are looking forward to that. Oh yeah and Grandpa too.


  1. I just love your animal shots. Fall is definitely in the air, isn't it.

  2. One of these days that mountain is gonna get white all the way down!!

  3. Miss Ella is coming? Ye-ha! Let the spoiling begin. :c)

    Hope Brenda's knee problem turns out to be a minor issue and can be fixed quickly.