Thursday, September 15, 2011

And once again out to the Yaha

Once we left Hilliard’s Bay Provincial Park Tuesday morning we headed towards Entwistle and the Pembina River Provincial Park. When we got there we found it closed for the season and after fueling up in Drayton Valley decided Dogpound North was only another 3 hours down the road and we could haul in there and park for free and have peace and quiet included. We made it home around 6:00PM.

Wednesday was a recuperation day and other than solving some of the world’s most pressing issues Mike and I basically just hung out while Brenda headed into the city to get some X-rays looked after and Janna got caught up around their motorhome.

Thursday we continued a tradition of dragging our guests out to the Yaha Tinda. It is Brenda and my favourite spot and we like to share it with our friends. We took a walk up Bighorn Creek to the base of the falls.


Mike, Janna, and Emmi at the base of the Bighorn Falls

Then it was around and up the canyon wall for a look at the falls from above. This is a special spot for us as it is where Brenda and I chose to say our wedding vows, 10 short years ago.




I took both of the above shots from that spot. The girls riding in them were actually on our side of the creek when we got up there and then crossed above the falls. After our hike around the falls we headed down into the campground and started another one of those “Heritage” fires and cooked ourselves up some smokies for lunch. Things always taste good in the fresh air and when cooked over an open fire.

I thought I would go back into my archives and find some other pictures of folks we have drug out to the Yaha Tinda to share this special spot.


Yaha with the Kendall's


Yaha with the Thurston’s

Brenda & Jacki

Yaha with Jacki Allen from Tasmania


Sunset over the Red Deer River on the Yaha in 2006.


  1. I would just love to see a sunset like that!

  2. How beautiful and what a great place to share with friends....
    Have fun

  3. What a beautiful place. You should start charging for your services as a tour guide.

    I promise when I come for one of your tours, I'll walk, you won't have to drag me! ;c)