Saturday, July 14, 2012


That about describes the speed of life here in London. From the traffic to the tube everything is zooming by at breakneck speed. Today we took a run down towards the Tower of London and got on one of the riverboats there and headed back up towards Westminister, the parliament buildings.


It was pouring rain but that didn’t stop the few hundred school kids from enjoying the trip with us. Seems like they are all on tour from various parts of the world. These fellows are patrolling the river already preparing for the Olympics soon to come.


And as we cruised up the Thames who was out to wave hello at us but Liz and the kids.


Darn I have to learn how to use this new camera it seems to take years off of folks every once in a while, but I can never get it to do it to me.  Winking smile

Once we got done with that we hopped back on our old friend the Big Bus and headed over to the Apollo Theatre to see about tickets for the show “Wicked”. More on that in a few days. Then it was off to Piccadilly Circus and a meander up the wandering road to see if we could find an evening gown for Brenda. Well maybe not an evening gown but maybe something a little dressier for few time we are going to the THEAAAAATRE over the next week or so.

And as she wandered through the shops I hung around outside and watched the goings on on Regent Street.


But after braving the crowds and fighting her way in and out of a few stores she thought maybe she could dress up her jeans and give the locals a new fashion look. Suits me fine as all I have is my jeans, hat and boots and a few bright coloured shirts. So it was off to what is rapidly becoming our favourite restaurant in London “Bar Remo”. We have been here twice now and the food is fabulous, fast, hot, and oh so good. The service is beyond compare and after just two visits they are treating us like old friends. Tonight Brenda had a Pizza and I had the Fusilli Provinciale, both excellent and served piping hot.


This evening we are off to see “Chicago the Musical” at the Garrett Theatre. The show was great, it is the longest running American musical in history here in London. I am not sure if the reason is the music, the acting, or the physical fitness of the cast. We both really enjoyed the evening. While we waited for show time we took a stroll down to Trafalgar Square. This is right across from Canada House that was shown in yesterdays journal and who says cowboys aren’t common in England. They even have statues of them here.


A lot of our travel here in London is done on the subway, Underground or Tube it is called, Those trains seem to go everywhere and do it fast. We bought a weeks pass and find if pretty handy, seems like there is always a Tube station just around the corner and once you figure out where you are and where you need to be it will whisk you at breakneck speed to your destination.


No the picture isn’t out of focus the dang train is just moving so fast the camera can’t catch it.


  1. Nice blog tour of your on-goings in London. Sure sounds like you're having a great time....and I'm thrilled that you have found a great restaurant/pub.

    We love the theatre district.

    Are you going to visit Gordon Campbell, our former BC Premier who now resides in London?

  2. what a perfect depiction of that fast moving train! I do love to dress up, and can't wait to see your stories about the theater goings. yippee. sure does sound like a fun trip with all the places I have read about but never seen. Closest I got to London was Heathrow on the way to elsewhere a few times.

  3. Interesting account about London. We have seen the city in 2002 - just 10 years ago. Loved the subway. A distant relative of mine is one of the diectors for the subway.

  4. You two are having just too much fun- hobnobbing with the rich and famous royal family for photo shoots !! Enjoying you r trip via the blog thanks for sharing!

  5. Marti and I saw Wicked in London a couple of years ago, it's a great show!

    I admire your bravery, visiting London during the Olympics. Hope they don't look you over too hard with that style of clothing you wear... ;c)

  6. Thanks for another great tour of London and a look at the ordinary folks out and about.

    I was glad to see a glimpse of blue sky in the shot above your 'cowboy'.

    It's nice to see you've found a good place to eat in London other than fish 'n chip shops.

  7. I hope you get to see Wicked - it is awesome. Another good show to try and catch, I saw it in November when I was there is The Wizard of Oz - Andrew Lloyd Webber has updated it. It is at Palladium Theatre just off Oxford Circus. I just walked up 15 minutes before the show (by chance) and got a great ticket. It is a good compliment to Wicked.

    Also - tell Brenda to not worry about dressing up for the theatre - I found it to be pretty casual.