Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping


We started off the morning with a stroll through Hyde Park and past the Serpentine (Pond) where there are some bleachers set up for some the Triathalon and Marathon swimming events for the Olympics.


If those guys get out of that water without duck lice I will be a monkey’s uncle. Come to think of it I saw this picture on Facebook the other day and I might already be a monkey’s uncle.


Although we saw hoof tracks along our walk this morning , and one horse we saw through the gate into Buckingham Palace’s Mews (stable and carriage house), this was the only sign we saw that horses are still around town here.


But  if you are going to ride around here you better have a steady mount as the traffic is incredible. Everyone going every which way at breakneck speeds and all on the wrong side of the road. So rather than driving we are either walking or taking the Tube around town. Not sure Brenda likes the tube much better than the traffic but at least we don’t have to worry about parking it.

P7120584 It is deep underground here and goes like Jack the Bear so it doesn’t take long to get anywhere. The photo above was taken this morning but the one below was taken at rush hour and this was the lineup to get INTO the station.


Now remember that the actual train is up to 100 feet underground and there are hallways and platforms and escalators to get down there so when they are backed up onto the street it must be a madhouse down below. So we kept walking and looking for a place to eat. We stumbled onto this Italian place and the food was excellent, the waiters were actually Italian and the price was reasonable. We might be back.


Now for the title I thought Brenda might like to hit a few of the high spots when it comes to shopping here in London so I took her over to Harrods for a spree. I guess she figured out that when the prices are attached to the products in small envelopes she might not want them. Lucky for me and my credit cards.


So we headed back out for a visit with another fellow whose wife was inside shopping.

But although we brought a transformer along to run her hair curling stuff it heated it all up so hot this morning that you could use it to boil water, so we did need to venture out and find a new curling iron this evening. Seems like we weren’t alone in needing to do a little shopping.


An interesting place London, but holy smokes are there a lot of people around. Sure makes Dogpound North look like a small town. And all those umbrella’s are swinging around right at my eye level so I have to keep dodging and blocking as we go down the street. Sorry about those folks who got blocked into traffic.


  1. I agree traffic in London is terrible and the amount of people is worse. We really enjoyed the countryside. London, not so much.

  2. Our daughter asked us to go to Harrods, find and buy the cheapest thing and give her the bag.

    We took up the challenge and found a Christmas Ball, for $15...and it was made in China!

    No wonder the owner is so rich.

  3. The price is in an envelope? That really sounds scary!

    Are you walking around London wearing your cowboy hat, JB?

  4. Doesn't sound like a place I will ever get Mr. Clark to visit--way too many people for him!!! Like Rick says, "are you wearing your cowboy hat??"

  5. Of course he's wearing his hat!! He don't give a darned what any ole Brit has to say about his gear!!

  6. What I most dislike in London is the constant stench of diesel. Diesel smell and me do not get along. Every visit to London meant a constant headache. Now, the countryside is altogether a different story. Hope you get away from London and take in some country.