Friday, July 6, 2012

About Time

I guess it is about time that I got the journal caught up with what is happening here down the road from Dogpound. We got home from our trip up to the Buffalo Creek Ranch and our short visit with the James Gang over near Alliance, Alberta. Got the RV all washed up and then slid it back into the shed. We won’t be using it till later in the summer so it might as well be under cover just in case some of the hail that occasionally beats us senseless makes an appearance.

Lacey and Clayton are heading out to BC with the girls for a family reunion so we were not going to see Miss Ella on her birthday, but her dog Leo was planning a campout here at Dogpound North so a couple of days before they left Lace brought Ella, Alle and Leo on down here for a visit. It was great to see all three girls before they headed off.


Now I have said this before Miss Ella will share her little sister with other folks but it is only under close supervision. Nevertheless it was good to see the girls and their Mom.


And although we have been home for 3 months now circumstances have kept us from heading out to the Yaha Tinda. Either weather or other family obligations just seemed to take precedence. But we finally made up our mind that even though we couldn’t take time to spend a few days out there we were going for a day ride anyway. We got everything ready yesterday so all we had to do was load the horses and head west this morning.


I am not sure Blue and Willow were as excited as we were but even though they have had a pretty soft spring they were good to go on the hill out there today. An old friend and his new wife along with a friend of hers from Texas were meeting us out there.


That’s Ol WR on the left and his wife Tracey, her friend Rhonda and of course Brenda on Willow on the far right.

As it had been a while since we had given our ponies a good workout and we were only there for the day we took a trail we call the High Trail, but I think everyone else calls it Poplar Bluff. Guess they don’t know where the low trail is. It has some great vista’s but is not to technical.


And it was not to late to enjoy the spring flowers here on the Northern Ranges.


We probably couldn’t have asked for a better day weather wise though, it was in the low 20’s (low 70’sF) and just enough breeze so the bugs were not around. Not many days in this country you think about leaving camp in your shirt sleeves but today was one of them, but I did tie my slicker to my saddle, things can change quick out there.


  1. That's a great picture of you, JB, with the granddaughters - a real keeper.

    Your ride out into the hills looks beautiful. What terrific scenery with the Rocky Mountains in the background.

  2. Nice shot of you with the granddaughters on the sofa.

    Can't beat that Rocky Mountain foothills country for a nice ride.

  3. What a great ride! Thanks for taking us along....

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Great pix of a proud grandpa with his beautiful ganddaughters! :c)