Friday, July 27, 2012

House of the Lord

Well we wandered all over London and Paris looking at great old buildings that the folks had built to glorify their God’s, but we are home in the place he built for himself.


This was our view out the window when we awoke this morning and although we had a great holiday it sure is nice to trade in the roar of traffic and the gabble of the crowds for the sounds of deer slipping through the dew and the ponies munching on green grass. I think I will just go out and go for a walk and not worry about dodging cars, buses and hordes of folks hurrying one way or the other.

We have a few more rounds to cut on the lawn as you can see and it has been growing pretty quickly while we were gone so it might take a while to get it back under control but hopefully the John Deere’s are up to the task. Once we get the yard back in shape we are loading up and heading west with our ponies for a few days of peace and quiet at the Yaha.

Oh I forgot we put that little garden statue here at Dogpound North while we figure out where it should really fit in.

Venus does Dogpound


  1. It is nice to be back home for sure - especially since London is now going to be a madhouse for the next 2 weeks!

    I sure hope you got a good discount on that statue because of the missing arms!

  2. Love the new garden statue. Did it fit in the overhead compartment on the plane or did you have to check it with the luggage?

    I have to agree, I'll take the beauty of God's creation over cities of the world anyday. :c)

  3. haha love the statue...nice to go away but nicer to be back home roaming the range isn't it....

  4. Great shot of the one armed statue! It's outstanding in the field!. Did I just write that! Aaargh!

    I'm sure you two are thrilled with the holiday but even more thrilled to be back home.

  5. I love Windmill's..I even live on Windmill Ln, in Custer... I'm looking for a big one for my front yard. A real one, not one of those toys... Your trip looked good, but like you I would have been glad to get home.... I'm up here in Glacier NP now, already looking forward to getting home...
    Take care and stop by our place sometime...