Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jolly Good

Well the time had come to bid adieu to Dogpound North and climb on a British Airways flight to London. The flight was good, the food was great and the fact that the seat layed right flat made sleeping most of the way here a bonus. It is pretty near a 9 hour flight by the time you figure boarding and getting off into the equation. Not to mention that there was an hour long wait in Immigration at Heathrow in London. But nevertheless we made it with only a few snags along the way. And none of those worth commenting on.

Once you get to the airport it is a quick train ride downtown and our hotel is only about four blocks from the train station. We jumped in a cab for that short ride as it was raining cats and dogs and I think the driver was so stunned to see an old cowboy in his rear view he ran into the back of another cab at the door to our hotel. No one hurt so we were checked in soon.

Our room is pretty small and the bathroom is smaller than our RV’s facilities but we are not here for the room anyway. Once we got settled into the room and freshened up we headed over to Hyde Park, it is right across the street, and went for a walk. This park is the home to Kensington Palace the home of Will and Kate a couple of Liz’s kids that we are over here visiting. Although we walked by today we couldn’t tell if anyone was home so didn’t bother stopping in. After the long travel day we weren’t really fit company anyway.  Winking smile


As we walked Brenda came upon this giant rhubarb plant, now can you imagine how much rhubarb crisp that could make.DSCF0012P7110567

Above is one of the spots along the serpentine, this park at one time was Henry the VIII’s hunting grounds and it isn’t hard to imagine a little bit of hunting going on there. Now below are some fellows playing cricket and although I watched them for a while and then once we got back to the hotel watched some on TV I have no idea how you win or lose or even just play this game. Although there seemed to be a lot of celebrating going on in both games I was at a loss to figure out for what.P7110568


Not sure what it is that makes people want to feed the birds bread, I am sure that is not on their natural diet but they seem to throng around anyone who has a crumb or two to give them. Now watching those pigeons got us to thinking about dinner so we stopped in the hotel and had the deep fried pigeon for dinner.


Very good, if a little breadey. Well really it was Fish and Chips and it was quite good.


  1. London will never be the same after a visit from the Browns'!!

  2. Have a great time you two....enjoy enjoy enjoy!!! We are having a blast with Donna and Ralph and their friends...Jeannie and Buck..

  3. The last time I saw you two, you were sitting on horses at Bates Bar J - now you're in London, England? What gives? John, did you or Brenda make the Canadian Olympic Team? High Jump or 100 yard dash maybe?

    If you do pop in to see William and Kate please say hello for me - especially to Kate!

  4. You are a tad early for the start of the Summer Olympics....but early is good! Have a grrreat time!.

    Say, you wouldn't be there to trade western for English saddles now, would you?

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  7. We loved London and glad we got to go before all the Muslims got pissed off at us. I got to see London Bridge when it was there and I hope to see it over here when we go to Arizona. Have fun and hope you enjoy the tour.

    Joe and Sherri

  8. Love those London cabs, wish I could have one as a toad. Then people would really talk about us.

    Make sure you take lots of pictures when you have tea with the Queen. ;c)

  9. Ahaha gotcha Liz and kids, Are you near Lady Di?? Have a blast xoxoxo