Thursday, July 26, 2012

Back in the Commonwealth

Well we had a great trip over to the continent and really enjoyed our time in Paris, but it is always good to come home too. Well not our own home but Canada is a member of the Commonwealth and as the biggest country in that group of nations we hold a special place in the hearts of our British hosts. We were welcomed back at our hotel and especially our favourite restaurant, Bar Remo, with open arms. You’d almost think we were family there, last night every member of the staff was out to great us and the drinks and appy’s were flowing fast and free. We won’t leave this place without going there once more anyway.

Once again we tore across France on the Eurostar and just a couple of hours after a breakfast of croissants, we were back in the land of English Bobbies and Fish and Chips. They are getting ready to host the Olympic Games here starting Friday so things are starting to hop all over the city. Luckily we get out of town the night before that happens but we have a busy week ahead of us making sure we do and see everything we want to as it might be awhile before we are back.

Tuesday Brenda drug me kicking and screaming back to the British Museum, well I wasn’t really kicking and screaming, but it was her idea to go, much to my surprise as we had already been there once and it is usually me who wants to hit all the museums. The fellow who guided our tour at Stonehenge had told her about some exhibits there so off we went to check that he wasn’t pulling her leg.

Our hotel here on the north side of Hyde Park is pretty conveniently located so we have been walking most places and this morning was no different although we did catch the train part way back when we were finished as it had warmed up quite nicely while we were in the museum. Another great part of this spot is the fact that Hyde Park is directly across the street from us so it is a great place to go for a relaxing wander.

DSCF0602 Yesterday, Wednesday, I walked over to the Natural History Museum and what a great place that it is. There is everything under the sun under their roof. Both a geological history of the world as well as a collection that must encompass most of the species of critters who have inhabited this place over the centuries, some long extinct and others like Man, who are still pretty abundant. I got there early so the crowds were not bad at all, although when I left there were getting to be a few too many of this species around the place.

Since we have come back to London we have seen two more musicals, Blood Brothers and my favourite all time musical, The Phantom of the Opera. Both were as good as advertised and we have throughly enjoyed our cultural education. Not to much opportunity to hit the “theatttre” at Dogpound North, or for that matter Dogpouind South either.

We are off this morning on that quest for the world’s greatest grilled cheese and then it is off to the airport for our flight home. Hopefully we will get clear of this spot before to many of the expected 1 million visitors arrive for the Olympics.


  1. Hope your trip back across the pond is a smooth one.

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  3. Great trip, we will look forward to hearing more about it this winter.

  4. It's been great fun following you and Brenda around London and Paris - and, in and out of a few great looking places to eat I might add!

    Have a safe trip home - good time to be gettin' outta Dodge!

  5. You're going home??? I was looking forward to seeing you lead the Canadian athletes in the Olympic Opening ceremony! :c(

  6. Do you still have that Venus statue stuffed in your suit case..?