Friday, April 30, 2010

Alberta Spring

Last weekend we were at the Mane Event and I didn’t put any photo’s in the entry. Most of the event took place inside and flash photography is not a great idea when you are around livestock so I refrained but I did catch this photo of a fellow named Ruben Villasenor who does Western Dressage. Pretty well trained mount he is riding and it can almost dance, well to tell the truth it keeps time better than I do.   

Cowboy Dressage

This weekend we have our youngest granddaughter, Ella, staying with us here at the farm. She is a pretty easy baby to look after, she entertains herself and Meg keeps an eye on her so that nothing gets near enough to hurt her.

Ella and Meg

Here is all that is left of yesterdays spring storm, there are some drifts around the country 6-8 feet tall but most of the roads are driveable and I was able to bust a good enough trail through on our Range Road to allow Lacey to drive right in with Ella in her little SUV. Pretty normal for this time of year in these parts. This is the road from town and somebody had run down it with a tractor yesterday afternoon so it was pretty well clear by noon today.

Snow and Silverado

Other than the snow left laying around we are having a beautiful day here today, blue sky, 10C and no wind. Another day or two like this and the snow will be a fading memory.

Sticks and Bricks

You can see how the grass greens up quick once the snow soaks all that moisture in and gets things jump started. Sitting up there on the deck of our sticks and bricks you can see Brenda and Ella while Meg keeps an eye on the operation.

Sweetpea - Big and Lil

Not much else happening here this weekend as we are just spending it being entertained by Miss Ella and Sunday the farrier will be by to tend to the horse’s pedicures and get there shoes on so they are ready to hit the hills in a couple of weeks.


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  2. What a great shot of your stix n brix in the snow! At least the snow will be gone soon and forgotten!

  3. That Miss Ella is a real cutie pie! I know she has you both wrapped around her little finger.

    Wow...I know you are both probably really tired of the white stuff, but it sure is pretty! I am sure that summer is around the bend.

    Can't wait to see you both this fall.