Saturday, April 10, 2010

Down to the Short Strokes

Well just 4 shifts left and then other than a cameo appearance at the Community Open House at the end of the month I will be re-retired. I left the Blackberry with my replacement this weekend so there should be no middle of the night phone calls this weekend either. I will certainly miss the job but I am sure looking forward to the next adventures.

Brenda, my niece Caron, and I managed to get out for a ride today and although it was short Brenda’s back held up and my horse was pretty good for the first spin of the year. Up to now I have ridden Brenda’s so she was pretty good also. It was a year since Brenda had been on a horse so there will probably be some stretched muscles, but she was eager to get on that new saddle. All reports say the saddle is satisfactory and the horse is great. It will take us a few weeks to get them into mountain worthy shape and hopefully by the middle of May we will be heading for the high country.

Rosie and Brenda 


And here she is a year ago, nice boots, and it won’t be long till we start to see a little green grass this year.

A Year Ago

We brought out the bus last weekend and got it cleaned up so tonight is our first night onboard although the weather has not been cooperating to get the outside washed. Oh well lots of time for that when the weather smartens up.

The whole gang!

Brenda, Rosie, Meg, and Blue

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