Friday, April 23, 2010

The Mane Event

We are in Red Deer at the Mane Event. It is a kind of round the clock look at the world of horse clinicians or a “Convention of Horse Whisperers” if you may. Although each person we have watched has a slightly different style the foundation all their systems are built on is one based on the principle of Natural Horsemanship. The horse already knows how to do all the things we are asking of it, now it is just a matter of teaching us to ask in the proper way so the horse understands. Guess that works with all critters, and folks too. There is of course a huge business built up around people and their horses so all manner of vendors are also in attendance.

The campground here is pretty full and they have a novel way of putting two rigs in each giant pull through. That means the fifth wheel in front of us has his back about 18 inches from our windshield. Not a huge issue for us as it is a toy hauler and has no window in the rear and we are gone all day to watch the various clinicians work their magic. Now other than that it is an OK place to stay and is within a two minute walk of all the activities so that is good.

A little close there neighbour

Today we watched Linda Snow talk about how not to let your horse cheat on you, and how not to get in the horse’s way when he is trying to do what you asked for. Another fellow, Curt Pate, spent an hour or so giving a talk on how to train a horse to deal with a lariat and all the issues that could cause. There is a trainers challenge going on at the same time where three trainers take unbroken colts and show you their techniques over four one hour sessions. For the results of that contest I guess we will have to stay tuned.

We wrapped it up early after watching another trainer, Jonathon Field, take us through doing the basic groundwork to get your horse to respond to you in a proper manner.

Well folks that is all for tonight, well except for the update on Megs diet. She is counting points and showing significant progress although I think she thinks this RVing sucks, as we are off to the seminars most of the day and just back to take her for a walk now and then. Not nearly exciting as chasing gophers and ravens back on the farm, although she is catching up on her sleep without those pesky coyotes howling away every night.


  1. The Mane Event sounds like a fascinating place to be. Looking forward to pictures of some of the horses.

  2. I whispered something to a horse once. It whispered something back & I've never been the same since:))