Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ready to Roll

Well it hardly seems like a week since I got home from Fort St. John.  We got a bunch of stuff moved down from Rocky Mountain House to the farm, where it will all be stored until we either can’t travel or don’t want to travel anymore. We have the motor home set up in the yard and that is our home base for now.

I spent most of the days since Saturday working around the yard, one thing about having a farm, you never run out of things to do. There are always fences to fix and things to do so it is a matter of pacing yourself, something I have never been good at. Oh well, I am going to get used to sitting and relaxing and watching the work wait for me for a change.

That said I still have some stuff in the garage at our old house that has to be moved to the quonset so that Matt and Michelle can complete their move into that house. That will take a few days what with my new relaxed way of working. Oh yah, and I have to get the trenches dug to lay some power hook-ups in both for our motor home when we are here and for company if they drop by, hint hint Deb. We are not planning on being here to much but probably will end up spending a week a month here with the bus staying for another week by itself while the horses and us take the camper to the mountains. We are looking forward to spending some serious time out there this summer.

Camper and Horse Trailer

Today I spent washing my little pickup and the motor home. I had forgotten just how big this thing is but after wearing out a couple of brushes and adding another 50 feet of hose I managed to get it all spic and span so that it is ready for that first two miles of dusty road from our farm to the blacktop. Well I will just have to take it slow and easy so it doesn’t boil up to bad. And I have some of that great solution stuff to put a shine back on it once we make it to Red Deer.

 Washed and Ready


The new cover fits pretty well

We are on the road tomorrow to the Mane Event and will spend 4 nights up there while we watch a bunch of clinicians show us how to train our horses. Kind of a “Horse Whisperers Convention”. Should be a good time and one of my cousins is showing up there too so we should get a little visiting done on the side also.

My computer here is backing up my photo library so I guess I will have to wait to publish this till tomorrow morning as it takes a while to back up some 39,000 photos and I can’t access any for the journal until that job is done.

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