Thursday, May 6, 2010

Winter Again?

Well this year winter seems to want to hang around for  awhile. I hope that means it will be gone a long time once it leaves. This has been a busy week here what with Miss Ella being here on the weekend.

Ella and the Coaster

Now here is irrefutable proof that Ella is Lacey’s daughter, she has traded her soother for a coaster and at such an early age too…

Sunday we got the horses all shod and we are ready to head for the mountains next week. As I always say God willing and the creeks don’t rise, well I guess I will have to add a line to cover off all the doctors I have been seeing. Now the dentist is finished for now, guess he made his house payment this month and my cleaning and the two fillings he replaced have helped him out with next months payment so he doesn’t want to see me for a few months anyway. My own doc gave me the green light but I have this pesky team of cardiologist’s who keep dragging me back to have another look. I think they are doing a paper on my heart and its somewhat odd pattern of beating. Last week I was in for what is supposed to be a pretty definitive test, a cardiac MRI. Well today I was in and the doc wants to send me for another shot at the MRI. Now anyone who has seen those machines know that what they really are is culvert that sounds like it has been laid under the Trans-Canada highway and they stuff you into the middle of it and then start running a string of transport trucks back and forth over top of it. Pretty weird stuff and if you were a little fellow it might even be interesting but those who know me know that I am not a little fellow and what with my shoulders being jammed in and the roof being about an inch above my noise it is pretty claustrophobic in there. Not to mention the fact that they keep whispering in your ear to stop breathing, it messes up the pictures, and then seem to forget that you are not breathing in that little tube and wondering whether or not one of those transport trucks that are running over you about 3 inches past the end of your nose are going to crush that little culvert. So I am really hoping that this time it truly is a big D definitive test and hopefully the last.

But enough about that stuff let’s move on to something else I can’t do anything about, the weather, once again this morning we got a little shot of the white stuff.

May 6th 

And here is the spot we are saving for Rod and Deb in just a few weeks.

Kendalls Spot

Well here’s hoping next time I have some photo’s of green grass and maybe a mountain or two.


  1. Looks to me like Rod and Deb are going to need an auxiliary propane tank in that lot in order to stay warm at night. But then the sun does shine longer up North, so perhaps there won't be much night to deal with LOL.

  2. Yep, you gotta get your world turned from white to green alright.....pronto!!

  3. Loved the remark about hoping once winter is gone it will stay gone for a long time. We are sure hoping that is the case here in Montana, too.

  4. Oh, JB, so sorry about the MRI. They are frightening enough for little ole me and for a larger person, they must be really claustrophobic.

    I thought they had some new machines called 'Open MRIs". But with the cost of everything these days, they will probably wait intil the old one breaks down before they get one of them.

    Ella sure is growing into a lovely young lady.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  5. Hmmmm, I'm thinking you'd better post a newer picture cuz I REALLY need for that snow to be gone. LOL, can't wait to see you guys!!

    Debbie & Rod