Monday, October 18, 2010


We are only a couple of weeks from getting on the road here down the road from Dogpound and there is a lot of stuff to get ready for winter. Although we live fulltime in our RV we still have the farm and the buildings here to get ready for the long winter. I like to leave all the equipment ready to go to work if Matt or someone else has to use it during the winter but it is likely it will not move so things like the fuel need fuel stabilizer added so that things don’t get gummed up sitting over the next few months. We also have quite a fleet of lawnmowing equipment here from the regular small gasoline push mower up to and including a diesel powered John Deere front deck mower and they all need their oil changed. So the last few days have been taken up changing oil and prepping for winter.

A couple of weeks ago I winterized the camper and just the other day changed the oil in the truck so today Brenda unloaded all the perishables and things that might freeze and we moved it into the quonset to be stored. Another thing that needs to be looked after in this equipment menagerie is the batteries so we have rigged up a system with timers that allows them all to get a little kick every day, each in its own turn.


Camper and the Motorhome swapping stuff.

Yesterday we had our farrier over to pull the shoes off the horses we take to the mountains and get the whole band trimmed up for the winter. We are fortunate here in that we have a lot more grass than we have livestock so what with the pasture and our hay land the horses pretty much fend for themselves, although we have some hay in reserve just in case, and of course a couple of heated waterers so they always have water available.

Brenda has been busy getting things ready to travel also as well as washing windows and getting things around here ship shape for the winter. So today we kind of took it easy, Meg and I went on our morning walk, and then we got ready and headed into town to do a few errands and then off to Balzac to take in the new Secretariat movie. It was great and well worth the price, oh yah, Brenda had some free tickets, but I would have paid to see it anyway.


  1. Your as bad as me, too many batteries and gas tanks. Not to mention all the oil in crank cases. I used to count spark plugs, but then I started buying diesels. So maybe its fuel injectors and spark plugs. I'm not sure how to add in the horses though, I gave up that habit back when I was about 22. But get her all ready, cause Arizona is a callin!!!

  2. I am not a movie goer and don't have a TV so I don't watch movies in that manner. But I remember Secretariat, and the Belmont race of the Triple Crown was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. I can still picture it.

  3. Well, for me less is best. I don't get along so swell with engines, spark plugs, batteries, oil changes & all that stuff. Probably was a good thing I was never a farmer or a rancher. I'd never be able to figure out how to get the chickens started on a cold winter's day:((

  4. Happy Trails you guys, we have a spot on the river for you when you get back.