Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fixing Fence


Today was one of those beautiful Indian summer days that lull us into forgetting that Old Man Winter is lurking just behind the hill. Perfect weather, in the high 60’s, not a cloud in the sky, or a breath of wind. If the weather stayed like this there would be a whole lot less snowbirds crossing that Medicine Line heading down into our good neighbours southern states for the winter.

Rod from Retired Rod picked up on that term that I use for the border and did some digging to figure out why that crazy Canuck called the border between the USA and Canada the Medicine Line. In short it was a term the American Indians used to explain why when the American military was chasing them north, for no reason they just stopped at a certain point. No discernable landmarks in the Great Plains yet they just gave up the chase. The Sioux knew that as long as they kept the peace and followed the laws they would get no hassle from the North West Mounted Police.

Now that is a pretty short history lesson and those that are inclined should have a look at this history net link, a lot more detail and maybe more fact than my abridged version.

Now assuming that the cavalry is going to welcome us back across the Medicine Line we are still getting things in order so that we are ready when the time comes. Sometime last winter one of our residents critters, probably a moose, broke off a gate post at the far southern end of our pasture. Now that was a 6-7 inch gate post so I am thinking that Mr. Moose had one heck of a bruise after he hit that post. I had a good look at the old post and there was no sign of rot or damage from equipment. I replaced the post with an eight inch one so maybe it will survive a direct hit this winter. No easy job digging a 40 inch hole and tamping that post into place so I am hoping my big clumsy friend will go around it rather than through it this winter.


While I was fixing fence Brenda was off to Cochrane to get her hair fixed up for the trip south. Looking good there Sweetpea.

And that is all that is happening here down the road from Dogpound.


  1. If it stayed around in the 60's all winter, I'd be heading up across that old Medicine Line myself, going north!

  2. I read all eight pages of the Sitting Bull story, and did not know that he had sought sanctuary in Canada. Of course as a US guy, I'm surprised they allowed him to remain. But Canada has a history of allowing folks from all over the world to remain, so why not? Anyway, I am now much smarter, Thankyou.

  3. I had figured it was called the 'Medicine Line' because once the Snow Birds cross it they are headed for large doses of Vitamins C & D in the sunny sunshine of the south:))

  4. Michael says the Medicine Line means we have crappy medical care in the US and he should know lately! Know what Brenda means--got to get that last good haircut before I head south and get a hit or miss one.

  5. Cowabunga, keemosabbi!! How come a rancher like you is digging post holes in gym shoes instead of cowboy boots? :)

  6. That does not look like a job I would enjoy. Stay safe.