Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weiner Roast

This mornings walk for Meg and I was again in the fog. There are some who believe I live my life in that meteorological state but this was caused by the weather not me. Just more confirmation that our old friend winter is just around the corner.

My little brother Brent and his wife Trish and their kids were out today, along with my Dad, to bring his motorhome and store it in my quonset hut. That about fills it up, maybe room for one more small car, and then the door can close until these northern ranges start to show a little life next spring.


While they were here we had ourselves a wiener roast and some hot chocolate but for some reason we got no photo’s of that event. This is not a scene out of “Vacation” and no one is rolled up in that rug that Brent took out of my Dad’s old house for his daughter, Caron, to put in her new place. But we will be watching the news tonight to see if they got it home safe and sound.


While they were here visiting their dog Sydney, and Caron’s dog Rex, were having a good run and enjoying the freedom that comes with living in the country. BUT Rex found something quite fragrant to roll in and we had to bring out the Dove to give him a little bath before he could get back in the van to travel home.


Here is a picture of the whole family, Brent, Trish and the kids, Christopher and Remi washing Rex while Meg looks on.

And of course this weekend no blog will be complete without a photo of Ella.



  1. Ah, wieners a/k/a hot dogs, one of my favorite foods.

  2. Love the picture of the baby and the dog. That's a keeper. Thanks for sharing.