Thursday, November 15, 2018

Scrambler Therapy

Other than the beautiful view from our spot here at Picket Post the real reason we came this way was to get some Scrambler Therapy (Calmare) treatments for Brenda's CRPS. This therapy is the only thing that seems to relieve the nerve pain she suffers from and the relief is almost instantaneous although it doesn't last forever. Dr. Wade and the staff at Superstition Chiropractic have almost become like family over the years, Brenda has hauled them Christmas baking as well as her homemade jam over the years so on top of the business we bring, the goodies make her a special customer.

We didn't linger very long on the road coming south, we were in a rush to leave behind the cool temperatures and get hooked up to the Calmare machine so we have also been restocking our larder. A trip to Walmart, as well as another to Costco has most of that done, but Thursday we are heading over to cousins Mick and Jeff's to unbury them from a pile of Amazon deliveries we have inundated them with this week. Might even get a chance to visit a little while we are there.

Sunset over our rig at Picket Post

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