Thursday, November 29, 2018

Monochromatic Day

Yep it was that kind of day, everything and everybody from Brenda down to our littlest visitors were dressed in shades of gray. It was warm this morning when I got up to watch the sunrise, but there was no sunrise, the sky was gray and stayed that way all day. We had a few rain showers but nothing of any consequences although the humidity was about 98% so the air was saturated enough without actual rain drops.

Some kind of sandpiper I guess

These little fellows visited us throughout the day and they were dressed in their best monochromatic duds. As for their name, well, I prescribe to my friend Dennis Lang's naming convention for birds and these are good examples of "little gray birds". 

We had another visit from our marine mammal friends as well, although this time we just saw this one cruising by just offshore.

And of course keeping with the days theme this pelican made a fly by dressed in his white and gray winter outfit.

This is quite an active port and we saw numerous barges transiting the Bay on their way to the Gulf.

As for us we didn't do much just hung out on the beach and watched the world go by. A great place to chill and recharge.

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  1. Everyone needs those Chill and Recharge Days once in a while. Nice Pics.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.