Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Matagorda Bay

Well yesterday after consulting the tide table for Matagorda Bay I set up a few markers to see if my interpretation was close. Brenda was up at 4:19AM and said the estimate was good, I myself was still sleeping the sleep of the innocent.

But not much later I got up and saw the sky full of promising clouds and thought I would maybe catch a few sunrise shots. Those who follow me on Facebook have already seen a barrage of sunrise shots that I took this morning, but I will share a couple of the best here as well.

The sunset was pretty nice here but the Bay continued to entertain us throughout the day. We ran into Port Lavaca to round up some of those good Texas Shrimp. The fellow there told us that there was not much shrimping going on in the area anymore, most of the boats were working the oyster beds, apparently there is more money in that. He did lament the fact that boats from other areas, like Galveston and over in Louisiana are coming down here and loading up on local oysters and hauling them back home. Seems like a common problem around the world, our oceans are being exploited beyond their capability to recover. All that said, the shrimp were great in the tacos Brenda made us for supper. 

When we arrived back from our shrimp run these dolphins were cruising the beach right in front of Dogpound Anywhere (DPA) and put on a little show, splashing and diving, as they moved along fishing the edges of the beach.

And after they left this Alligator Gar slipped along the beach, ugly bugger, but not very shy so it was easy to get a shot or two of him. He even gave us a smile as he headed out to deeper water.

And of course there were a few pelicans cruising the beach, but they are pretty stealthy so although they came by a few times it was hard to get a decent shot, but that will give me a goal over the next few days. I don't know much about birds but I am thinking this is a juvenile as I saw a couple that were bigger and were more gray, but then again, maybe this is just a "brown" pelican.

The day started off with a sky full of colours but the days end was a pretty monochromatic affair, beautiful in its own way though. Brenda says the water and the moon restore your soul so I am thinking it will take another few days of soaking in the ambiance here and enjoying the every changing vista before we decide to pull up stakes and move on......somewhere down the road.

Just for those who think I might have forgotten home I did find this shot on the my long lens camera today. The sunrise is great and the cows are Richard Sheehans just Down the Road from Dogpound.

Cows Down the Road from Dogpound North coincidentally I was heading off to pick up Dogpound Anywhere in Red Deer


  1. Beautiful pictures as always but seeing that Alligator Gar makes you want to stay out of the water. Some day the world is going to have a major Food Crisis. Pity our Descendants!
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.