Sunday, November 18, 2018

Ready to Roll

Thursday was Brenda's last Scrambler Therapy appointment, for these treatments Dr. Wade has been hooking up a LED Light Therapy boot on her as well, he says it does something to promote healing in damaged tissues. She has had a couple of toes on her bad leg that have been numb for years but this light thingy has got the feeling back in them. Don't ask me how it works or if it is just in the mind, regardless the feeling is back and that is good.

We followed up our Therapy date with a run through the local Walmart and Bed, Bath and Beyond to pick up a few more necessaries and then it was over to the Kona Grill to meet Mickey and Jeff for lunch and some laughs. It is always a good time spending time with those two. After unloading all our Amazon stuff from their car we were off to our rig. Max and Maya were glad to see us back after a long day lounging on the the couches.

Friday we both had appointments in Gold Canyon to get adjusted, that is a fancy word to describe having Dr. Cassie, a slight little woman, take out her aggression on our spines. Regardless though I know I feel better and I am sure Brenda is the same. My Granddad used to say his Chiropractor could knock a cold out of him, well I didn't have a cold when I went in but if I had of I am sure it would have been gone.

Once that was done we ran back out to the rig to pick up our laundry, we had planned to run into the laundromat listed in Superior until we realized that it was really in Globe, so we changed plans and headed into the Superstition Express Laundry in Apache Junction. Lots of machines there, clean, but not coin operated. You have to get a card and work from that, and the system needs a little work and better instructions. We ran into Vic Almond from up Ponoka way in there doing the same thing, trying to do laundry and cursing at the machines.

Once we got everything clean and folded we headed back home to our rig and our mutts.

I had a chance to unpack the drone and do a little fly over of our place so hopefully I can mash together some footage to show you the neighbourhood but until then this will have to do.

Saturday we did a whole lot of nothing, well not really I guess, we installed a grate on the screen door so that Max and maybe Maya won't be pushing the screen out, a water alarm under the pump watching for leaks, and changed the water filter out. But other than that and some book reading we did nothing, but tomorrow we are set to head off to points east. Stay tuned.

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  1. I had the same experience once with a card using laundromat--that one needed better instructions too!