Saturday, November 24, 2018

San Antonio

We wandered our way across Texas and found our friends Deb and Rod Kendall here in the Blazing Star RV Park. We haven't done much since we got here except catching up with them. It is always good to see old friends and this park they are calling home for the time being is pretty nice. Lots of trees and not to busy. Although it is a little closer quarters than we are used to the folks with the rigs on either side of us don't appear to be in residence so it is really pretty quiet here. The dogs are learning all about being tied up and enjoying their visits to the dog park a few times a day. They have even made some buddies down there. This morning we headed over to Pet Smart early in the day and they both got the Black Friday weekend Pedicure special. Those folks over there have it all figured out they were in and out in pretty quick time and didn't even seem to be stressed. In fact I think they enjoyed their first trip into a store. For a couple of old country dogs they are dealing with all these changes pretty well.

Last night we went to Red Robin for their gourmet burgers and although they were good I actually think Brenda and I can do better here at Dogpound Anywhere, but the girls had Fish/Shrimp and Chips and that is not a specialty around DPA.

Early Morning at the Dog Park


  1. Looks like you are enjoying the comfortable temperatures and visiting with good friends.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Now that is one eye-catching sky. Gorgeous. The River Walk I sure would enjoy, especially as I'm housebound by snow today.