Saturday, September 18, 2010

Time to Head South!

I am a little slow getting this blog written. Tuesday morning it was time to say goodbye to Rollie and Gina. We really enjoyed their visit and being able to share a little bit of our neighbourhood with them. I think you really see the things around you in a different light when you see it through other eyes. Thanks for letting us borrow your eyes folks, and travel safe. Hurry Back!

Rollie and Gina leaving-1

Sorry for the lack of focus but they left pretty early.

Once Gina and Rollie left we settled back into our normal routine, the odd trip to town and a little tinkering around the farm.

A touch of Fall-1

It is looking a lot more like fall every day around here and the temperatures are dropping below 0C (32F) at night now on a pretty regular basis. Although there are not many yellow leaves in the trees above they are showing their faces more and more each day. I saw these fellows below this morning while out doing my morning walk and it will not be too long until they are looking for the does’ and working on next years crop of fawns.

The Buck Stops Here - well not really!-1

And these guys they call Canada Geese but I think you can’t be called Canadian unless you spend a winter or two here and don’t fly the coop as soon as a little frost gets in the air.

We're outa Here-1

As for us we are planning on staying here and enjoying a little Indian summer but if God is willing and the creeks don’t rise we are hoping to get out of here towards the end of October. So we are hoping those geese save us a little space somewhere in the Arizona desert.


  1. Great shot of those bucks crossing the road! When we are up in Tumwater there are a lot of Canada geese that go flying overhead. I always enjoy hearing the "honking" all the way through the sky. What are they saying? Wish I knew.

    Thanks for the compliment on my blog, much appreciated. I'm totally in love with your blog and the fantastic photos you always share.

    I'll be looking forward to following your journey to travels to you and enjoy the view.

  2. I will never forget how mortified I was the first time I was called on for using the term "Canadian geese". I was talking to a hunter in Virginia, and he patiently explained that the geese aren't Canadians.

    It must be exciting to plan to be going somewhere soon. I feel like I'm locked in place forever!

  3. Cool picture of the deer! The honking of the geese heading south always made me itchy to I can! :)

  4. Our Canaadian Geese here in southern Ontario have not yet begun practicing their flight patterns but soon the air will be filled with honking flocks in the crisp Autumn air as they rise from nearby large ponds & do their fly arounds landing once again back on the ponds. Then, one morning instead of returning they will make the wide arc & head south.........

  5. Yep, cold and rainy around here this week, even Rollie has been cold--time to head south but first we have to get all this doctor stuff done.

  6. I am so envious! Looking forward to hearing all about it!

  7. Great shot of the three deer...

    Karen and Steve
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