Monday, September 6, 2010

Out to the Ranch

Rollie and Gina arrived yesterday afternoon so rather than let them rest up, we dragged them out to the Yaha Tinda for the day today. Longtime, well maybe even occasional readers, know that this is one of Brenda and my favourite places. We like to share it with a select few folks, usually those who call home somewhere far away, as it is getting to be pretty crowded out there already on the long weekends in the summer. There was a little method to our madness of heading out there right after their big travel day from Great Falls. My cousin Mike and our friends Harold and Diane Baldwin along with a couple of Mike’s other friends, Roy and Peggy from Valleyview, were out there for the weekend so we knew we would be able to visit with them and introduce Rollie and Gina. Well that, and use their campfire for cooking our gourmet meal. Tube steaks for everyone.

Here is a picture of Rollie and I that Gina took while we were waiting for the fire to get ready for cooking.


Sorry I do not have any photos of us cooking for our brides, to busy making sure the wieners were done to perfection to mess with the camera I guess. And oh by the way, thanks Mike for the grill, Mike made a grill just like the one in the picture for Brenda and I and had it with him on this trip. It will come in handy when we are in the desert this winter.

Before we invaded Mike`s camp we took a hike up to Bighorn Falls a little ways up the creek from the campsite.

Big Horn Falls-1

Falls by Rollie-1 Falls from Bridal Leap-1

The pictures above were taken from the meadows at the top of the falls and the one on the left is from directly over the falls and Rollie took that one as those who know me know that I am not going that close to the edge. Below is a shot of Rollie and Gina in front of the falls

Gina and Rollie-1

And here is one of Brenda and ISweetpea and Me

Now here are a couple of Rollie up on the cliff face beside the falls, you won`t find me up there and it even gives me the shivers to watch my friend climbing around up there.

Rollie on the Cliff-1

 Rollie on the Cliff-2

And of course we are not the only local folks who have discovered this great place. Long before we humans and our equine friends were frequenting this mountain paradise the Wapiti (elk) have been coming here to spend their winters on the lush grass. There was probably about 100 head in this group and the bull in the centre was busy keeping others from invading his harem.



  1. Oh boy, I'd love to see those elk!! :)

  2. The Bighorn Falls sure are spectacular!

  3. What terrific photos of the Falls! Man, what in the world is Rollie doing half way up that cliff face? The pool of water at the bottom didn't appear to be all that deep either. Glad to see he made it down safely for his bbq'd hot dog reward!!

  4. Rollie's nuts! What some folks won't do in the name of fun.....