Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Banff National Park

Today we took the day to see some of the sights in Banff park. It is only an hour or so from our gate but we seem to only get there when we have guests to show it off to. The weather wasn’t the greatest but the company sure was. There was not a lot of wildlife out and about but we did see this guy wandering along beside the Parkway.


We took a few shots and then pressed along our way towards Lake Louise. Where we enlisted another tourist to take a shot of the four of us standing in front of the lake.

Lake Louise-1

Now for a picture without us cluttering up the view.

Lake Louise-1-1

And here is the view from the coffee shop, no wonder so many folks come from around the world to visit this spot.

Restaurant View-1

Now we figured we might have to sell our motorhome to pay the restaurant bill here so we headed on down the road a little before we ate. On the way into Banff we stopped first at Moraine Lake to take some photos and see the “Valley of the Ten Peaks”, but they were hidden behind the clouds although the lake was beautiful by itself.

Moraine Lake-1

After that last glimpse at the lake we headed into St. James Gate, one of our favourite Irish Pubs in Banff where we chowed down. Although I can’t speak for the others my “Steak and Blue Cheese Boxtie” was excellent and well worth the price.

We were planning on the girls having a little time to do some shopping along Banff Avenue but a higher power was looking after Rollie and my financial affairs and we had to eat and run so that we could pop into the Cowboy Trail Church in Cochrane on the way home.

After spending the day wandering the park which must be one of the Lord’s greatest cathedrals it was nice to end it all with a plain from the heart sermon and be able to share it with good friends.


  1. Lake Louise is perhaps one of the most beautiful sights on the face of this earth. It has been almost 50 years since I was there, but I have not forgotten it ever since. Your pictures bring back the memories.

  2. Sure glad you were able to find a bear for Gina to see as she didn't get to see one while here in Montana. You guys have a great time!

  3. Too bad the sun wouldn't shine for you. Thanks for the photos. They bring back lovely memories of visiting the area.

  4. Wonderful pictures. Lake Louise is one of our very favorite places. Last time we were there we took the Plain of Six Glaciers trail all the way to the end. That was in 2001. It would be nice to do it again someday, but, with Karen's health issues, it may never happen.

  5. Lake Louise is a tough one to beat when it comes to photo ops - although that bear is pretty neat too!!

  6. Even the fog couldn't take away from the beauty of the view! :)

  7. What incredible beauty! I just hope I can go there for a visit someday.

  8. Thank you so much for showing us such beauty and taking us to lunch. Also for sharing your Cowboy Church with us. We could not think of any better way to end our day than being in Our Father's house, worshiping Him.

    Love Y'all
    Rollie & Gina

  9. Beautiful photos and very nice blog.
    Thank you for sharing.
    - Mary Ann :-)