Saturday, September 4, 2010

Guess Who’s coming to Dinner

Well we had a great weekend visiting with Lacey, Clayton, and of course Miss Ella. The weather could have been a little better but all in all it was not to bad. We came home on Monday morning so the bus was back in its spot and everything set up by early afternoon. It has been a beautiful week here so we have enjoyed the weather and are looking forward to Rollie and Gina’s visit towards the end of the week. We had hoped that Mike and Janna would be traveling with them but apparently there was some snafu with the paperwork on their new motorhome so they didn’t want to risk crossing the border without everything in order. With the weather good as it has been it is hard to get a nice sunset photo, so I tried the other end of the day and got up early (5:43AM) this morning to a spectacular sunrise.

Farm Skies-1 Farm Skies-2

And here is a shot of the skies off to west a little later while I was out on my morning walk.

Farm Skies-3

We are having company and here they are arriving.

Thurston Arrival-1

Gina and Rollie crossed the border today and arrived at our place mid-afternoon. Rollie brought that big old Volvo through our narrow gate just like he had done it a thousand times. Although it had rained earlier in the afternoon the sun broke out to welcome our guests. They continued what is seeming to be a tradition when our American friends come to visit and brought a armload of butter for Brenda. She was pretty happy to see the butter and even more to see Rollie and Gina again.


As per usual in the RVing world, they traveled and we, well really Brenda, cooked, and she had a quite the spread set out for our supper, steak, ribs, cheesy potatoes, sauteed asparagus and of course no meal is complete without dessert. Today we had a choice, Brenda made my mom’s frozen lemon dessert, and of course her own trademark dessert, Frozen Peanut Butter Pie.

We had a good chin wag and tomorrow is a new day, so we will see what it brings.


  1. Now that is a lot of butter! :)

    Beautiful sunrise pics.

  2. Oh, dear, those photos made us so envious of Gina and Rollie! You guys have a great time and maybe it will work out that we can come next time.

  3. Your wife must be related to Paula on the Food Network! Can't you get butter in Canada?? :)

    Those sunrise photos are fantastic. How beautiful!!

  4. How about sharing the recipe for that Frozen Peanut Butter pie!


    Deb & Rod