Thursday, September 30, 2010

Now where to?

Well I had my visit with my cardiologist today, and she figures as long as I going to be hanging around for a few more years, I might as well spend this winter somewhere warm. That was good news, so now I can start planning for real. Departure day is tentatively set for October 27th. Anyone who knows me has probably figured out that I have already got a pretty detailed plan formulated, right down to where we are giving Brenda her smoke breaks as we travel. But most RVer`s also know that those plans are cast in jello, so the fun part is actually seeing where you end up going, as opposed to where you started out heading for.

We missed out on all the goings on in Indiana this last couple of months so we thought we would point ourselves a little farther east than originally planned and go down the Eastern Slope of the Rockies towards South Texas. That will give us an opportunity to catch up with a lot of our friends and acquaintances that are not planning on heading towards Arizona this winter. For now we will say we are pointing ourselves down through the Texas Panhandle in the general direction of Austin and as time passes and we figure out where folks are hiding we will firm up things.

We’ve never been down to the Rio Grande Valley so that will certainly be on the table for this eastern swing and we have heard good things about Betty’s in Abbeville and just love that Cajun country so maybe before we head back to the desert we will spend some time exploring that part of the world.

Then sometime around the time we spot that Jolly Old Elf tearing around in his sleigh and giving us a few flashbacks of winter we will be heading back out west to the desert of Arizona where we plan on holing up till we get reports of warm weather and spring growth up here down the road from Dogpound.


  1. First of all, congratulations on the good news from the cardiologist.

    It sounds like you have a great travel plan cooked up. Happy travels ahead.

  2. I will second that!!! Tennessee is a great place!! Of course we could meet you in Texas!!!

    Jenny J and Don

  3. I'll bet you guys would like the Big Bend area of Texas. They got some mountains & great scenery there:))

  4. If you find yourself going East on I-10 to LA, give me a holler! I can probably get you a free overnight at Anahuac NWR. :)

  5. Sounds like good advice from your doctor!

  6. Sounds like you are coming down I 25 through Denver and on south. We have came that way several times through to the Texas Panhandle. Denice says,"Be sure to bring your tarp straps along with you, to tie the roof down on your motor home as you come through Chugwater, Wyoming!" If you get near Austin in the first couple of weeks in November, we should be in the same area about that time, as we plan on leaving ELTORO in San Antonio for the month of December while we check out Jolly Old St. Nick back in Calgary.