Saturday, August 14, 2010

Scouting Trip

Today dawned clear and sunny so we thought we should take a look around the mountain country south of us and see if we could find another spot to take our horses for a ride. We have usually gone to the Sandy McNabb Equestrian campground, down that way, but it is being refurbished this year so is not available for overnight stays. We thought while we were at it we would have a look for a place where we could get the bus in so that we can stay a little longer and enjoy all the comforts of our home while we are there.

First we ran down the Mclean Creek road and had a look at the Mesa Butte site, and although the road in from Millarville was good the site was a little small and it was unlikely that we could take a big rig in there, and I am not sure there are enough trails to satisfy our wanderlust for a week or longer stay.

After that we headed on down Highway 22 to Longview. Passing through Longview without buying some of their beef jerky is a major faux pas and we got two bags full to tide us over for part of the trip. Once we had that out of the way we continued on to Indian Graves campground and the trails there look great and we might be able to fit into a couple of their sites so it is a definite possibility. From there we headed over the hump towards the Forestry Trunk Road and back north towards Highwood House.

Indian Graves-1

The shot above is the road into Indian Graves campground and the flowers below are a little farther down the trail.

Indian Graves-1-1

And here is the view back down from the Hump towards Indian Graves.

Indian Graves-2

We did find a site at the Etherington Campground just south of Highwood House that has a few sites the bus could fit into and a lot of old trails that might be interesting. Maybe next week we will head down and give it a whirl.

Tomorrow we are off to join up with Caron and her friends at the Little Elbow Equestrian Campground and have a day ride there.

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