Sunday, August 15, 2010

Little Elbow

Today we loaded the horses and headed out to Little Elbow to meet our niece Caron, and her friends, Courtney, Sydney and Elizabeth. They were camped out there and we were going to join them on a day ride in the area.

Little Elbow-1-1

This is an equestrian campground right in the centre of Kananaskis Country. It is a multi-use area so we ran into mountain bikers, hikers and even a few photographers lurking around. It is beautiful country and within an hour of the city of Calgary so on a nice weekend there are a lot of folks out enjoying the scenery.

Little Elbow-3

Here is a shot of the whole group, in the foreground in pink is of course, Brenda, and behind her is Elizabeth and in the far back is Sydney, centre right is Courtney, and over to the far right is our niece Caron. The river we are crossing is a branch of the Elbow which supplies a large percentage of the city of Calgary’s water.

We headed out of the campground and down the Wildhorse Trail, although we didn’t see any wildies on this ride there was certainly a lot of sign around.

Little Elbow-1

This is a look back up the river valley from an opening along our trail towards the campground.


  1. The scenery there is breathtaking!

  2. Oh what a nice ride! and such wonderful scenery! Just saw on another blog this morning that you can rent horses to ride on a beach--- how cool is that?

    Karen and Steve
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  3. Wow! What an experience. Beautiful area. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    The Freely Living Life Family