Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week of January 18

Well it was another great weekend followed by a week (Tuesday to Friday) in Fort St John. The weather has been pretty gloomy around here this week but I guess it is January in Alberta. But we usually have some sunshine around even at this time of year. Flying up to FSJ on Tuesday morning and returning Friday night makes for a pretty short work week, but reading the blogs of all our friends roaming the sunbelt makes the time seem to slow down here in the North country. Friday night, the 22nd, my Mom, Dad and brother Brent and his wife Trish went out for dinner at Casa D’Italia a good restaurant in the city. It was a night of family time that coincided with the first anniversary of my youngest brother Kelly passing away. It was an enjoyable evening and the food was certainly OK.

Saturday was a shopping day, my computer had packed it in earlier in the week and I was relegated to using my little Netbook to communicate so we ran in to have a look at some computers in the city. My son has a great gaming computer but the salesman looked at me and said it was to fancy for the likes of me. Probably good advice, I am not sure what I would do with all those fancy doodads and geegaws anyway, so he moved me down into the Grandpa model, a little slower and not so sporty. Kind of the four door sedan of street racers. But it seems to work and has none of those quirks that Brenda has with her Mac. Now for the job of transferring all that accumulated data from my backup drives to the new one. And a shopping trip wouldn’t be complete without some new clothes although I think this time I got more than Brenda. Time for a new hat and some new jeans.

Sunday was just a layabout day other than trying to move a bunch more files onto the new computer and going to granddaughter Madison’s riding lessons. The picture below is our eldest granddaughter Claire.



And the shot above is of Madison and Cookie, Madison is the one with the helmet on!!

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