Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall is in the Air

Well here it is almost the end of September and fall is definitely in the air here at Dogpound North. Other places also, I guess, I see the Bayfield Bunch has already flown the coop heading towards their Congress, Az winter refuge. As well I see Judy and Emma, along with Nurse Ratchet (Kurt) are heading south also. When the Birdlady of Blogland heads south the geese can't be far behind.

We have had a month of interesting weather here, 12-15 inches of snow to begin the month, some 80+ degree days in the middle but things have become more seasonal now. Our own harbinger's of fall are evident also. The other day I winterized my SIL Tricia's motorhome and today my son Paul hove into sight with his trailer all winterized and ready to assume its spot in the back of our Quonset Hut.

Yesterday I ran into the city and had my monthly lunch with my oldest granddaughter. As usual it was a great time and I really enjoy her company. On the ride home I mused about how becoming a grandparent seems to change your outlook on a lot of things. Claire is pretty focussed on a career as a hairdresser and from what I have seen so far she is going to be a great one. Vidal Sasson move over, there's a new girl in town. Back to the grandfatherly mellowing, I know if my kids had come home with green and blue hair I probably would have had a stroke, but all I could really think was her hair really kind of set off her ensemble.

I can only assume that as we get older it dawns on us there are a lot of things that are vastly more important than the fashions that float your boat.

On the way home from lunch I managed to stop in and give a final goodbye to my Aunt Donna Engel, I won't explain our family connection but suffice it to say she was my aunt 60 years ago and although things changed over that time I still think of her as one of the nicest ladies I ever had the privilege of knowing. We'll see you on the other side Aunt Donna.

Along with Paul today came two more grandchildren so I have had a great weekend. Strangely it seems that all the little babies I remember just a short time ago are growing like bad weeds. Luc and Annika are in Grade 8 and Grade 6 respectively. Not sure how that happened, seems like yesterday they fit almost in the palm of my hand.

For those who are following the saga of Brenda's knee replacement. She is recovering from her second surgery and yesterday was her first day back driving. I won't go into a lot of detail but suffice it to say this has not been an easy road. It seems like one step forward is followed by two steps back but she is a trooper and will make it work.


  1. My hairdresser has blue hair as well (and tattoos) Her salon is so fun though. All decked out like the fifties. I'm glad Brenda has a wee bit of light at the end of the tunnel now.

  2. Must be so discouraging for Brenda with all this knew trouble. Don't imagine the coming colder winter weather is going to be any help either. Need some nice warm Arizona sunshine on that knee to speed up the healing process. Hope you guys can see your way clear to get on down to Dog Pound South soon. Thanks for the mention:))

  3. I should be in Casa Grande in a week or so. When are you and Brenda heading for Dog Pound South?

  4. My granddaughter Jessica has been known to color her hair in ways that I would have never allowed our daughters too! At least I'd try not to let them! You're right about the mellowing out though. I guess we learn hair colors etc. is nothing to sweat about.

    Your grandchildren are looking good and happy too!

    Best wishes to Brenda with her knee and driving!

  5. Glad the second surgery is behind Brenda and she is moving forward. You are right, she is one tough lady, after all, she does put up with you... ;c)

  6. We are sure hoping that the 2nd knee surgery leads to a well deserved resolution. Unbelievable! Does this delay you southern journey?

    Getting some quality time with the grand kids is a treat, isn't it? Got to like that.

    Strange weather rolled over Dog Pound North......and, then too, did the heavy rains in southern AZ cause any problems at Dog Pound South?

  7. I love being able to be so laid back with my grandchildren, but I can see why kids need parents who are a little more strict than I am at this point in my life! I wish Brenda a speedy recovery and hope she is soon back to being her old self.