Thursday, August 9, 2012

Island Visit

Sunday we took off early in the morning and made a dash through the mountains to the sea. We were heading towards our friends John & Gina’s place just south of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.


They have a picturesque place right on the banks of the Nanaimo River and run a small B&B there. I have waxed poetically about the beauty of their place, A Riverside B&B, many times in the past, so other than to mention as usual they have been working and upgrading non-stop since we left here last year and the place shows it, I will just share some pictures of our activities. Monday we were out to Coombs to visit the Market there and pick up some of their specialty breads then back to Parksville to meet my SIL Tricia and her sister and BIL the Wunders, who were all on their way to the west coast of the Island to enjoy a little surfing and beachcombing. We had a great visit and a nice lunch with them and then headed back to River Road for supper.

Yesterday was a wander the waterfront day in Nanamio where the picture above was taken as well as all those below. It is a beautiful spot and not yet a madhouse of cruise ships and the such although that is probably in its future.

As you can see from the one of Brenda with her hands full of plums we have been availing ourselves of the abundant wild fruit that is just there for the picking here on the Island.

Yesterday we had a date with a cherry tree we had stumbled on on one of our drives around the district. Brenda wanted some fresh cherries so we headed over there after a great breakfast that Gina fed us and harvested a couple of buckets of cherries.


And brought them back to John & Gina’s where the girls were busy turning them into Cherry Pies.


I’d have a picture of the finished product below but it was eaten to fast to catch on camera.


  1. JB, you're starting to worry me.

    A picture without your cowboy hat!

  2. I (Janna) said, "John is wearing shorts." Michael said, "and with rather white legs, too." From one cowboy to another!

  3. Oh man you two sure have fun !!! :)

  4. I'll bet that Cherry Pie was gone before your camera could even get the autofocus working.