Sunday, August 12, 2012

Here and There

Thursday John and Gina treated us to lunch at one of their favourite spots the Crow and Gate Pub. This place is hidden away south of Nanaimo and has beautiful gardens surrounding it.

The food was great, the company even better and then it was back to their place to put up a little blackberry jam before we headed back over the Rockies.

As usual everyone had a job and as usual mine was the stressful supervisory position meaning I have to be ready to jump in at a moments notice to fill any of the other positions and of course that all important tasting position. Thanks again John & Gina for all that you shared with us this last few days.

Friday we got up in the morning thinking about going somewhere but just where was still up in the air until we popped over and had a peek at Rick and Paulettes journey from the day before. That made our mind up for us so it you want any more details than the few pictures below pop over to Rick’s Blog and he has done a great job of explaining our trip. Just start from the end and work your way up because we went about it in the opposite direction from them.

Thanks for the tip Rick, the trip was beautiful.

Saturday morning found us heading back across the Rockies. We were up early in the morning and rolling so we caught the 5:15AM ferry, it was a pretty empty boat and the crew took the opportunity to complete a bunch of their emergency drills. Most of them happened without us even noticing any thing but the man over board drill was a little more visible. They slammed that big boat to a halt in no time flat, dropped their launch in the water and tore off to rescue the MOB.

Once the drill was over and the ship was secured we were back on course, all with a little more confidence that if something happened our crew knew the routine. The rest of the 600 mile trip was completed without event and only a few stops along the way to stretch our legs and get fuel. The drive through the Canadian Rockies is a beautiful one so keeping your eyes on the road is a challenge sometimes but this is the only picture I took and we were stopped in Field, BC for it.



  1. Great photos John--looks like a good time.

  2. Nice trip to Vancouver Island.

    While you were frolicking on the west coast, we headed from here to Alberta. With almost nightly thunder and rain storms, the humidity there was 100% for several nights and days. That`s a bit unusual.

    Read your blogs and it`s clear you did have a great time and you took in a lot of sights.

  3. Did a few MOB drills in my day. Even got to play the MOB once. That water was coooooold!

    Took a week for my voice to come down to normal...