Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Week Goes By

Caron and I headed out on Sunday to spend a little time at the Calgary Western Riders gymkhana. Although Caron has a great new horse he is a little green for this kind of outing so I loaded up an old favourite of hers from our remuda here at Dogpound North. Caron has over the years spent a lot of time and effort on Willows training so it is great to see her getting a little enjoyment out of that training. The photo below shows Caron and Willow and a little piece of the Canadian Rockies in the background.


The rest of the week has just been spent traveling back and forth to Calgary to get a bunch of stuff that needed to be done out of the way. I think we are getting close to having all of those things done.

A field just a little down the road from Dogpound North and the sprayer tracks crossing it.


After reading Al’s blog the other day I thought I needed to take a spin around my own neighbourhood and see what was up. Not having his talent with a camera I spent more time looking at crops and just enjoying the scenery than capturing a lot of great photos. I did see a few deer and one small bull moose right on our own driveway but it was getting towards dark and the photos weren’t great.


As we are loading up our horse trailer and planning on heading west to the Yaha Tinda on Sunday morning Brenda thought she should take a spin on Blue and get a little saddle time before we hit the mountain trails. We took a ride around our place and our neighbours for a total of 4 miles, not far but better than nothing. Both of our ponies have been spending a lot of time in the dry pen so they stay in shape so all that lush green grass was a bit of a temptation for them and they spent most of their time trying to steal a mouthful of grass.


That house with the green roof in the background is my son Matt’s place. He has headed back to Albania for a month or so and I am looking forward to hearing about his adventures along the Mediterranean Sea. Rumour has it that they actually drill a few wells in between beach visits.


Those nice green trees beside Brenda are the same trees behind the moose in the picture below. I took that moose picture out of our kitchen door a few years ago. There actually was another moose in the herd but he was standing to far out to fit the frame.


Alberta our home province use the logo “Wild Rose Country” on our license plates and this year the roses are a little later than usual because of the late spring.



  1. Especially like that cropped photo showing the sprayer tracks. Nice job:))

  2. nice tour around your 'neigh-bourhood!!' great to be able to ride the horses and go for a 'drive'!!

  3. Beautiful place, John, maybe some US friends will be coming to see you soon????

  4. It sure is gorgeous in your neck of the woods. :)

  5. Loved the post today... especially Brenda riding along! GREAT photos and story. Just beautiful there!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  6. Great pics, John. All that wide open space sure looks nice to an Island guy!

  7. You live in a lovely place, even if you have to share it with all those moose.

    Really liked the sprayer tracks pictures, something I've never seen before, but then I don't live in God's country like you do. ;c)

  8. excellent shots...I so enjoy your blog...:) love the horses and scenery...