Saturday, November 15, 2014

First Time but not the Last Time this Season

Brenda made it safe and sound down to Dogpound South and we spent the week just loafing around enjoying the great weather and catching up with our neighbours down here.

Yesterday I loaded Blue and headed out to a favourite trail over near Superior. We re-discovered this trail last year when we were riding near Picket Post mountain and figured there must be some way to circumnavigate it. Oh yah, Blue and I did pass right by Retired Rod's place over there in Mesa but thought maybe his neighbours wouldn't appreciate an organic fertilizer delivery on a nice Friday afternoon.

The whole gang, Suzi, K, Julie, Blue, Teresa, and Janet with Ted on the camera
 Hard to believe but this was, K, who has shown us most of our Arizona trails, first time around the mountain. It is a great ride and passes some pretty nice scenery along the way. Most of the horses there had a lot more riding than ol' Blue but he made out pretty well. A little sweated up but still stepping along at the end of the 11 or so miles. He'll get his trail legs back pretty quick down here after a pretty soft summer.

Good to be back on the trails down here in Arizona
Always nice to ride a trail with a little water down here in the desert

Looks like the fall colours will be along eventually but not in full glory for a week or two.

And these saguaro's have made it in the blog before and hopefully will again
I am hoping to get this blog a little more current than in the past few months but it will probably be more focussed on trail riding than RV'ing although we still do a lot of boondocking as we follow the trails around Arizona and back home in Canada.


  1. Riding those trails like you do makes me envious. I'm afraid I could only do it in my dreams...

  2. What freedom to be able to take off on a horse, and reach places not available any other way. Glad Brenda made it to Arizona okay. Give her a big HI from me, please.

  3. The desert looks so green, great photos John!

  4. I have a shovel over here in S Mesa... Make the bushes grow better, but I would have to keep Biscuit out of it.......

    1. You could always get the Roomba out, Rod! ;) ;)

    2. A Roomba in the horse do do............ What a picture..........!

  5. Trail riding, RVing, it's all a good read in your blog. Not to mention the amazing pictures, too... ;c)

  6. Great pics of your trail ride, John. Sure glad Brenda finally made it down to Dogpound South. I'll bet she's just itching to get on one of those trail rides soon.

    I still think you should have visited Rod!

  7. Brenda and Wink weren't in the picture, so its not the WHOLE gang...........

  8. Looks like picture out of an old western movie. Nice pics!