Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tis the Season

Although we have no snow here, it is Christmas and we have been doing some Christmasy stuff. Visiting with friends and eating too much seem to be at the top of the list. The weekend before Christmas we jumped on the wagon with our Canadian friends, the Pohl's, and toured the community singing Christmas carols. Not sure that Thunderbird Farms will ever be the same, but it did get some of the more vocal dogs in the neighborhood to hide under their decks with their paws over their ears. The Arizona Hitching Post a local equine newspaper sponsored a contest for the best dressed horse and rider combination and although I don't know the official results there was lots of colorful horses following us around, even a couple decked out like carousel horses.

Carousel Horses complete with poles

Christmas Carollers

Ben and the Beauty's

Christmas Outriders
We enjoyed Christmas dinner with the Pohl's and Ken's daughter and her husband along with some other Canadian friends the Lewis's who we met previously at the Yaha Tinda back in Canada. We had planned on getting some riding in with them while they were down here over Christmas but life happened and that was not to be. But Blue and I have been working on a few things out back in our virtual round pen so all is not lost.

New Years Day we joined a bunch of friends here and took a little spin around the neighborhood.

L to R, CC, Brenda, Paula, Kathy and Crystal

Brenda and Wink
Now there I got a post everyday this year so far.


  1. Nice header photo JB. Sure seems like everyone in the neighbourhood enjoyed the Christmas rides.

    Happy New Year.

  2. Horse riding!! that an amazing experience, Beautiful pictures!
    Happy New Year, JB!!