Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No Sleepovers

It has been a few weeks since we were actually home on the weekend, but just so we didn’t get used to it we hit the trails both days anyway. Saturday we headed north up I-17 to Black Canyon City with the Pohl’s in tow to meet up with the Rogers and Modahl’s. We saddled up at the trailhead there and then took our trailers back down to the Table Mesa trailhead. Once we got done shuffling the trucks we headed out onto the Skyline trail. This one of the trails we rode last year with the Rogers and also the McKinney bunch, but it is just as pretty this year as it was last year. There are some great vista’s along the way.

High and Ledgy

There are some parts of the trail that are a little ledgey,


but all of our horses are pretty sure footed so they watch the trail and we enjoy the scenery.

Because someone asked: The two black horses are Percheron crosses, brother and sister, Beauty in front, and Ben following along.

This trail is used by mountain bikers as well and they have left their own trail markers along the way.


And of course there are some motorized users as well. These guys crawl up and over some rocks that I can’t imagine walking over let along riding over.


The last few photo’s make it look a little crowded but it is a big country and for most of it, it was just us, our friends, and our horses. We finished off the day by heading back into Black Canyon City and enjoying some local cuisine at Kid Chilleen’s Bad Ass Steakhouse. For those keeping track here is a peek at our trail.

1-Fullscreen capture 09012013 52806 PM1-Fullscreen capture 09012013 53231 PM

Sunday we were up and at it and off to the TACC Poker Ride, we can ride right to the start of that one from our place here at Dogpound South so we saddled up and headed to the arena to meet up with 30 odd other riders. The Canadian contingent was well represented there, probably more than 30-40% of the riders are hiding out from Old Man Winter down here in Thunderbird Farms. After we got done the ride our neighbours and Wink’s trainers the Donally’s supplied lunch for all the riders.

Part of the Canadian contingent LtoR Brenda, Ken, Verna, in the blue shirt Laurie and Trish

That was it for our weekend and other than a trip to the shoe doctor for Blue and Wink we are not planning anything exciting till next weekend. Here are a few shots from that visit to the farrier. I didn’t get a picture but Blue’s shoes were plumb wore out, guess all that rock we are roaming around in does some grinding on those shoes.


  1. Too much fun!! Is Willow coming back? You haven't said much and I'm fearing the worst....

  2. I can't imagine walking those trails, let alone riding a horse on them. You be brave people! Me, I'm a whimp...

  3. What breed of horse are the two in picture #4 of the Skyline Trail. Beautiful animals. Beautiful country.

    1. Thank-you for that info. Love all the rides. Have the Best Day You Can

  4. No shortage of trails to ride...and that one with narrow ledges was a test. Good on the horses to keep you guys safe.

    New shoes for the horses is part of the maintenance program, no doubt. Interesting stuff.

  5. wow some scary looking trails there...not sure I could do it...

  6. Too Funny John here I have been following your blog for a couple years and you where the John we met at Sophie's flat you can follow our web site and blog at http://www.campingandhorses.com

    PS cute picture of you in our smart car LOL

    Kelly and Ron